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Be Observing International Women’s Day

What is a better what to observe and notice International Women’s Day than with words and photos.

This wordsmithing woman threw together some words and founds some pics to show you the faces of the inspiring woman surrounding me.

May the women around you stand by you.

Lift you up.

Hold you up.

Pray you up.

And never stand you up.

The woman in my life that is ALWAYS very present was my Mama.

She made me a better mom to my boys, a more thoughtful friend, a more forgiving wife and always helped me to get over my temper tantrums.

I am grateful for all the women in my life.

If you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with, I am kick *ss.

These are the women in my life.

The ones that truly care and you know that they are there.

Ones that help you with your babies and your business.

Those who nurture your mind, heart and spirit.

Women that help you grow, that you may not even have in a photo. 😉

Thank you to all you wonderful women!

😘 Joanna

Be Creating the “Body Bliss Project”

I have witnessed throughout my entire life that one moment could change everything…

One conversation.

One phone call.

One parking lot meeting.

One moment in time.

Last week, I had one of those moments.

Sexy Neck and I were discussing my business and all the incredible people that have come into our lives in the last two and a half years.  I talked about all the incredible mentors and leaders I have met, especially all the inspiring women.


After my mom died, my most inspiring woman left the earth.  My mama who constantly thought about helping others.  The woman who would show up sweaty at my door asking for water because she has just biked 70 kilometers for a cup of coffee with a friend.  Super Nana who did so many exceptional and thoughtful things for my boys that I couldn’t even begin to list them.  My ever-present friend, volunteer, incredible cook, amazing party thrower and always up for doing something out of the ordinary.  She was my most AMAZING inspiration as a woman.

Until now.

I realized that these inspiring women have flooded my life.

Moms who are present with their families and incredibly in love with their men. Women who swim, cycle, run all for fun.  Ladies who laugh, love and who are exceptionally “light” to be around because they know themselves, are themselves and can completely be themselves.  These are the inspirations that circumvent my life.

And now I have an opportunity that I didn’t see coming.

One phone call from someone that I met early on in my life as an entrepreneur.   A fun-loving, heart-centred Aussie physiotherapist.

She shared a vision for a project.

I asked a few questions.

I knew that this was exactly what I had been waiting for.

A project created by leaders Down Under and the Great White North.




For women.

By women.

Creating personal transformations as a collective unit.

Using the same super food nutrition and intermittent fasting to live out these transformations.

Being a part of a global community of healthy habits in body and mind.

Boosting each other up.

Creating sweaty selfies.

Playing water tag.

Celebrating wins.

Picking each other up.

One day at a time.

90 days in total.

I am so fired up about this project that I can barely sleep tonight.

One team.

Women who will change the world around them.

Through the Body Bliss Project.


Be Doing What You Don’t Normally Do

I never go to “The Mall”.

Sorry folks, this is just not a place that brings me energy nor life.

The fluorescent lights.

Air conditioning.

And all those choices.


Not my thing!

BUT, today I decided to do what I don’t normally do.


Yup, all six foot of me, walked in and through the mall for a whole ten minutes.

I had not idea what I was doing.

Until, I ran into these two:


Linda and Lil.  

Linda my good friend, mentor and Principal in Vtown.  And Lil, her friend from Saskatoon.

The craziest thing is that Linda is wearing a coat that my mom had given me as a teacher, that I had passed on to Linda when I gave birth to JC and didn’t think I would return to teaching.

My heart overflows.

My time with these two lovely women was amazing.

The reminder of my mom was a lovely moment.




I think I may need to go to the mall more often.

Nah!  I think I just need to keep doing things I don’t normally do!

Be Salt of the Earth Friends

Often, I have described my friends as being the salt of the earth.

Tonight, these lovely people walked through my parents door. My dad was moved to tears.

He said definitively, “These people are salt of the earth people!”







Thanks to all my parents ‘salt of the earth’ friends! We love you deeply. Thanks for being here!





….and here’s some of my salt:


Be In Some Sort of Book/Foot Club

Four years ago I decided I wanted to develop deeper relationships with a few women surrounding me. I decided that I was going to start a modern-day quilting bee which is formally known as a book club.

I have just arrived home from book club and I have to introduce you to these four real women. I think there should be a television series about them.

The first cast of character in this lovely book club that I look forward to every month is:

• Princess P. She’s the sage one of the group. Her laughter could set off a tsunami because it is so wide and deep and contagious. Princess P is one of those people that is a deep friend. I worked beside P.P. in my first couple of years of teaching. Since then she is always been a good friend to me, Sexy Neck and all three of my boys. In fact one of the treasured thing that my boys have are the quilts that she has made each of them. She’s married to a smart businessman and public servant. She has raised beautiful, grounded and independent twins and a third child who loves life, her family, friends and firefighters.

The second cast in our crew of book lovers is:

• Dreadlock D. D is an early 30’s. She loves everyone, well except her neighbour by the same name. She is an inspiring person who loves to cook, care for her two sweet children, her Electrician husband and the extended family. She does not want to be a lunchtime supervisor even though that might be in her future one day, but she will definitely be an inspiration to many people no matter what she does. She’s one of those people that is always there for you no matter what. She can light up a room with her humour and a few F-bombs thrown in for good measure.

The third character we will call PTP

• I have known PTP since I first moved to Vtown thirteen years ago. She has been a steadfast friend,pre-kids,during kids, during labor,pregnancy and all sorts of stages and crazies. She is an athlete with fortitude and strength that you wouldn’t believe. She is a paddling physiotherapist. She is a previous Ballerina turned rower extraordinaire now runner, cross-country skier and I could go on. She is a fierce athlete and an amazing friend. PTP takes care of her amazing kids, her Educator husband, and the dog. She’s a pretty incredible, thoughtful and caring person.

The last character in our beautiful bookclub is:

• Dr. K. She not only takes care of our eyes, she takes care of her family too. Her husband loves planes, trains and automobiles. (Okay maybe the trains should be replaced with helicopters.) She encourages all his passions, takes care of their wonderful Kindergarten son as well as the dog. Kim is also an incredible friend. She has provided more food, encouraging words and time during this cancer, torn Achilles, sickness, pregnancy, childbirth stage in my life. She is also pretty incredible neighbor and I wish that we had never moved off the street. In the midst of great Hawaiian themed parties, hockey and exercising she manages to keep everything in balance, especially her relationships.

This cast of four beautiful women started off as a book club but have become to me like four humongous feet! Yup, I said FEET.


They are all different shapes and sizes. They have helped me stay standing and even walk through this time. Sometimes I have needed them to be my own feet and sometimes they have walked beside me nudging me along. Sometimes we all get a little smelly, especially me, but no matter what feet are very very important and I cannot tell you how important these women have become to me as I go through this time of moving cities, new beginnings and new relationships and really a new life through this disease called cancer.

These women are also like feet because
they have five toes sometimes all going in different directions with their family, their work, their friends, hobbies (do we have hobbies?), and their dreams and they managed to somehow always stay ‘attached’ and grounded no matter what’s going on. They are able to be real about their marriages and their children and what it is really like to be a mother and a woman in the 21st-century.

I’m so grateful for these beautiful feet/Book Clubbers and I’m so grateful that we can spend this time together and I can’t wait to see what the year entails for all of us.

Now make sure you have a glass of wine, some good appetizers and a good book, but most importantly be in a “Club”!

PS. We skyped with a real live author tonight at book club. Did you know that authors did that? We didn’t. This author was a force. Post coming soon.