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Be Creating the “Body Bliss Project”

I have witnessed throughout my entire life that one moment could change everything…

One conversation.

One phone call.

One parking lot meeting.

One moment in time.

Last week, I had one of those moments.

Sexy Neck and I were discussing my business and all the incredible people that have come into our lives in the last two and a half years.  I talked about all the incredible mentors and leaders I have met, especially all the inspiring women.


After my mom died, my most inspiring woman left the earth.  My mama who constantly thought about helping others.  The woman who would show up sweaty at my door asking for water because she has just biked 70 kilometers for a cup of coffee with a friend.  Super Nana who did so many exceptional and thoughtful things for my boys that I couldn’t even begin to list them.  My ever-present friend, volunteer, incredible cook, amazing party thrower and always up for doing something out of the ordinary.  She was my most AMAZING inspiration as a woman.

Until now.

I realized that these inspiring women have flooded my life.

Moms who are present with their families and incredibly in love with their men. Women who swim, cycle, run all for fun.  Ladies who laugh, love and who are exceptionally “light” to be around because they know themselves, are themselves and can completely be themselves.  These are the inspirations that circumvent my life.

And now I have an opportunity that I didn’t see coming.

One phone call from someone that I met early on in my life as an entrepreneur.   A fun-loving, heart-centred Aussie physiotherapist.

She shared a vision for a project.

I asked a few questions.

I knew that this was exactly what I had been waiting for.

A project created by leaders Down Under and the Great White North.




For women.

By women.

Creating personal transformations as a collective unit.

Using the same super food nutrition and intermittent fasting to live out these transformations.

Being a part of a global community of healthy habits in body and mind.

Boosting each other up.

Creating sweaty selfies.

Playing water tag.

Celebrating wins.

Picking each other up.

One day at a time.

90 days in total.

I am so fired up about this project that I can barely sleep tonight.

One team.

Women who will change the world around them.

Through the Body Bliss Project.


Be Auntie Gail

My mom’s sister arrived yesterday to come stay with us. Every since our oldest was born, a sure sign of spring is Auntie Gail arriving at my parents for a visit. We always looking forward to seeing her.

I have especially been grateful for her immediate willingness to come jump in with our brood of boys, her contagious laughter and depth of stories. She reminds me of my mom in so many ways – her love of her children, her thought for my children, working side-by-side with Sexy Neck drying the dishes and really just being willing to come along on our wild ride.

Auntie Gail.

Deep strength.

Huge heart.

Beautiful children.

Contagious laughter.

Here is Auntie Gail enjoying her first ever Japanese food dinner.

20140408-183823.jpgAuntie Gail getting settled in her room. The boys ‘helped’!

20140408-183850.jpgBeautiful butterfly cups she passed on to me.

20140408-183857.jpgAuntie Gail had us all laughing our heads off as she attempted to use the walkie talkie.

20140408-184226.jpgAuntie Gail brought beautiful drawing pencils and paper for the boys. They all spent many hours drawing together.


20140408-200526.jpgAuntie Gail read Happy Pig Day to OC while we watched CC’s gymnastics.

20140409-202725.jpg Auntie Gail watching our youngest at gymnastics. OC loved having her to wave up to. She watched with a big smile on her face. What a gift!


20140410-223718.jpgShe helped us have a painting play date with friends.

20140410-223724.jpgWe enjoyed an after dinner walk to the duck pond.


Side note:
I haven’t been back to CC’s gymnastics centre since my mom died. Five days before my mom went into the hospital in December and just over two weeks before my mom died, mom insisted that dad drive her 60 kilometres down the road so that she could watch CC and OC do gymnastics.

I knew my mom was in pain. She still insisted on getting her own blue folding chair, placing it right beside the window so that she could watch her grandsons participate in class.

She was in pain. She smiled and clapped for her grandsons.

She was stooped over but she sat up straighter every time her grandsons looked over.


Love beyond comprehension.


Thank you mom. Thank you for being the most selfless Nana.

Thank you dad for supporting mom’s ideas.

Thank you Gail for passing on this loving support to my boys these days.

Be Doing A Seven Minute Workout

Last night Sexy Neck and I started a twelve week challenge to try to get a tad more healthy and “move or lose it”.

I have gained thirty pounds in the last five months. Sexy Neck has been nursing a sore back and trying to recover from Achilles surgery. Here is the story. It is time. The clock is ticking.

Back in May, the New York Times picked up a story from a health journal talking about the benefits of a structured seven minute workout. You do each exercise for thirty seconds, you don’t needs any fancy equipment and after seven minutes of pain um hard work, you are done!


Sounds good? I will let you know.

Here we are last night after day one:


Summary: There was a lot of groaning, sweat and muscular fatigue. Today, I am having difficulty lifting my tea mug and walking up stairs. It was incredible to workout with my man, like the ‘olden’ days. It was worth every one of those seven minutes.

*We decided to do it twice! Who’s idea was that? We also included a warm-up, stretching and some kegels and Achilles exercises for each of our individual programs.

Here’s the boys working out with dada doing squats. CC exclaimed: “Look at my muscles I just got!”


Be Writing A Letter To Cancer

Yup, cancer. The big C. The beast. The indiscriminate illness. One of our worst nightmares. I am talking about you little c-a-n-c-e-r.

First, I want to introduce you to my mama. She’s magnificent. Really magnificent. She celebrated her seventieth birthday in a March. In April, she rode in a Tour de France training Camp for two weeks riding sometimes 90 kms per day. She even fell off her bike three times.

Yup, that’s my mom, she’s one tough, athletic, caring and beautiful woman.


She came from a small farming town where she rode a horse to school. She is resilient.

She loved helping her dad around the farm rather than hanging out with her mom in the kitchen. She is strong.

She was a leader at school as well as an academic and basketball star. She is all around smart.

She put herself through University to become an excellent teacher and then she gave up her career when my sister and I came along. She is passionate and compassionate.

She went back to work once I hit school and she managed to do it all – work, home cooked meals, travel, organize our lives, plan fabulous parties and I could go on. She can do it all!

Cancer, I almost forgot to tell you, if my mom is feeling tired and weary from trying to cast you away. She’s got my dad at her side. Her knight. Her partner in crime. No cracks have I seen in their 42 years of marriage. He’s even put his golf clubs on the shelf, so watch out. He is a force!

Plus you’ve got to add one power into this “thing” you are trying to do in my mom’s body – God. My sister and I plus our hubbies, we know Jesus. We know his power to heal and transform lives. You bet we will have our mom and dad covered with prayer. We know the angels will be sitting by her beside. We will also be by my mom’s side to love her up and keep her going, especially with a few good books, reality tv shows and neck kisses.

And if that ain’t enough, we have got family and friends all over the world ready to kick your butt. Special niece in Spain, nephew up north, siblings to the east/south and friends in PG, Vtown, Western Canada, Australia, and 100 Mile. You don’t know who you are dealing with.

So, cancer now that you’ve met my mom, and her team brace yourself because you aren’t going to know what hit you! And we haven’t even met her medical team yet!

Be a Breastfeeder

The words I heard from a family member sitting at my kitchen table as I sat on a chair ten feet away:

“She is still breast feeding?”

I was not suppose to hear these words, but here is my response, via the blog world, to my dear family member.

Yes, I am still breast feeding my fifteen month old son. I am going to try and breastfeed until he is two years old. I didn’t make it to two years old with my oldest two. One I cut off around 21 months and the other stopped at 23 months. I am the worst breast feeder though- from yeast infections to mastitis to cracked and sore nipples. I have had it all. I am a stubborn breast feeder. I have also just been too lazy to heat up and clean bottles so breast feeding seems like the easier, more convenient option. It is always ready, the right temperature and I don’t have to worry about what some manufacturer had put in. Plus I don’t have to check the recall list fort breadtmilk.

So there’s my two cents! Be a breast feeder if you want to. But more importantly be supportive of people!