Be Auntie Gail

My mom’s sister arrived yesterday to come stay with us. Every since our oldest was born, a sure sign of spring is Auntie Gail arriving at my parents for a visit. We always looking forward to seeing her.

I have especially been grateful for her immediate willingness to come jump in with our brood of boys, her contagious laughter and depth of stories. She reminds me of my mom in so many ways – her love of her children, her thought for my children, working side-by-side with Sexy Neck drying the dishes and really just being willing to come along on our wild ride.

Auntie Gail.

Deep strength.

Huge heart.

Beautiful children.

Contagious laughter.

Here is Auntie Gail enjoying her first ever Japanese food dinner.

20140408-183823.jpgAuntie Gail getting settled in her room. The boys ‘helped’!

20140408-183850.jpgBeautiful butterfly cups she passed on to me.

20140408-183857.jpgAuntie Gail had us all laughing our heads off as she attempted to use the walkie talkie.

20140408-184226.jpgAuntie Gail brought beautiful drawing pencils and paper for the boys. They all spent many hours drawing together.


20140408-200526.jpgAuntie Gail read Happy Pig Day to OC while we watched CC’s gymnastics.

20140409-202725.jpg Auntie Gail watching our youngest at gymnastics. OC loved having her to wave up to. She watched with a big smile on her face. What a gift!


20140410-223718.jpgShe helped us have a painting play date with friends.

20140410-223724.jpgWe enjoyed an after dinner walk to the duck pond.


Side note:
I haven’t been back to CC’s gymnastics centre since my mom died. Five days before my mom went into the hospital in December and just over two weeks before my mom died, mom insisted that dad drive her 60 kilometres down the road so that she could watch CC and OC do gymnastics.

I knew my mom was in pain. She still insisted on getting her own blue folding chair, placing it right beside the window so that she could watch her grandsons participate in class.

She was in pain. She smiled and clapped for her grandsons.

She was stooped over but she sat up straighter every time her grandsons looked over.


Love beyond comprehension.


Thank you mom. Thank you for being the most selfless Nana.

Thank you dad for supporting mom’s ideas.

Thank you Gail for passing on this loving support to my boys these days.

One thought on “Be Auntie Gail”

  1. I loved seeing the pictures of Mom with your boys and I’m glad she is able to help you right now when you need it. Both in looking after your beautiful boys and in helping you by being your beautiful mother’s sister. Auntie Gwen was an amazing woman and my Mom has her heart, inner strength, and love for all the family!

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