Be a Teacher (again)

As I move back into the realm of teaching, this post said exactly what I was thinking!  

What students remember about teachers!

Yes, I am moving back into the realm of teaching as a support to parents that are homeschooling their children through Distributed Learning.  I am working for a fabulous company that puts families first.  I work with the families to put together resources and a program that works for their student.  Each learning plan is individualized and personalized. I also get to go and meet the families in their homes three times per year.  The rest of the time, I work from home to support students.  Twenty-first century learning at its best!   

Can you tell I am excited? 

Overflowing abundance. 

Amazing opportunity. 


Putting my teaching hat on.

Connecting with students and their families.

Watch out Okanagan,

I am back!