Be Changing Your Colours 

The bright beautiful colours of autumn are surrounding us.

The colours express that change is in the air.

The greens transforming into yellows, oranges and firey reds.

The colours shout of our amazing earth, the vibrant life that we can live.

If we choose.

Change is life.

We will find health in the midst of sickness and find other likeminded people along the way.

Embrace it.

We will find quiet in the noise.

Seek it.

We can find solace in the chaos.

Allow it.

Don’t judge.

Just be.

As the colours begin to change and in honour of my country’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, may we embrace our new change of colours during this autumn season.

With one hundred percent responsibility of our words and actions.

With change in the air swirling all around us.



Firey Red.

Embracing change with all that we are.

This post is written humbly in honour of a beautiful friend who went through a biopsy today and another amazing friend who sits at her mom’s side in the same hospital as well as my incredible teammate who supports her parents through many changes.

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