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Be Knowing God is with YOU 

Two friends are sitting by their mama right now as she recovers from surgery to remove cancer from her breast.  

Living in the unknown. 

Another friend is at home trying to grasp the sudden death of a thirty something neighbour.  She was one of the first on the scene.  

Living with the unknown.  

Yet another friend contemplates leaving a job that has almost destroyed her yet she felt called to do.  

Just not knowing which way to go.  

And today I went to the store to buy a dish dryer.   I didn’t find one.  

A few hours later, I was riding my bike down the road and look what was lying on the side of the road:  


A very small daily reminder that God knows my needs and He is with Me. 

Living in the unknown?

Living with the unknown? 

Not knowing which way to go?

Just take one step.  

And another.  


Look around you.  

You will be amazed at what you see. 

And what if you don’t see? 

Ask God to help you?  

He loves you.  

Be Asking What You ‘Did’ on the Weekend

As a stay-at-home mom, my Monday to Fridays are weekends and my weekends are a holidays because I have all my boys at home.   My favourite quote as I raise up young men, “The days are long, but the years are short?”

My usual weekends involve cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, encouraging, creating and loving up my boys to get ready to launch them ‘back into the world’ for another week. I feel profoundly grateful that I can be my three boys first teacher and that Sexy Neck supports me emotionally as well as financially. I feel completely content with my ‘job’ but sometimes I cringe at the Monday morning school drop-off where people ask about your weekend.

Tomorrow, I am going to be laughing my head off as I answer the question, “What did you do on the weekend?”.

I did surgery on a bear!

Thanks JC for taking the photo of me sewing on daddy bear’s head. Nana would be proud. We had daddy bear sitting by Nana’s sewing machine since the fall, but we brought him home.   I sewed on my first teddy bear head. I can do anything.


Risk taking.



One head at a time.




Huge smile from JC.

Proud Mama.

Another great day.





Be Driving Home After Surgery

I have been singing this song all morning. Country Roads. This is the version by Olivia Newton-John, not John Denver.

Mom and dad are driving home in the sunshine today. They should be back at home before dinner. I am extremely grateful.

M was a star down in VCity holding the fort at the hotel, taking meals to the hotel, going swimming with dad and being a great support for mom and dad. Her hubby,C, again held down the fort at home to free M up and even endured the two hour pre-op appointment last Tuesday. What a team!

Nana and papa just dropped in on they way. Yeah!!



Be Let Loose From the Hospital

Mom was discharged from the hospital this morning. She checked off all the boxes on the list:
– no more oxygen
– oral pain medication
– pee
– poo
– walking around
– eating

How are you doing with these today?

I am realizing on my own healing journey that I need my mind to check in with my body. I have one strong, stubborn, determined mind!

Mom is safely tucked into her hotel room for the next few days. They hope to make the four hundred and forty kilometre trek home on Monday.

Rest well mom! Heal well. May God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand.


Be giving a hospital update

Hi all!

Here’s mom’s room with a view:


She had a great morning!

She’s now off of her catheter, taking oral pain medications rather than intravenous and she enjoyed the morning watching curling and talking about shoes with M.

The surgery went very very well. There were no surprises and the doctors are excited to see what the chemotherapy can do.

We are filled to overflowing with gratitude. We have felt the love and peace of everyone who has sent messages and emails.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Be Going In for Surgery

Mom goes to VGH tomorrow (Halloween Day) at 5:45am. She is scheduled for surgery with Dr. Lee at around 7:00am.

They are taking all the cancer and a few organs as well.

The surgeon has said she will be in the hospital for two nights.

My prayer for my beautiful mama:

Mom, may you feel peace as you walk into one of your least favourite places.

May you feel God guiding you with kindness and love through Dad and M your side.

May you sense our love and prayers from ALL of us far away.

May the doctors and nurses have smooth hands and sharp eyes.

May we all see a miracle through you, through this surgery and through the last three chemos.

Mom you are a wonder to me every day – your unconditional love, your kindness, your work ethic, your support for me and my boys.

I love you mom! Heal quickly and see you at home next week.

In Jesus’ mighty and healing name I pray all these things. Amen.