Be Going In for Surgery

Mom goes to VGH tomorrow (Halloween Day) at 5:45am. She is scheduled for surgery with Dr. Lee at around 7:00am.

They are taking all the cancer and a few organs as well.

The surgeon has said she will be in the hospital for two nights.

My prayer for my beautiful mama:

Mom, may you feel peace as you walk into one of your least favourite places.

May you feel God guiding you with kindness and love through Dad and M your side.

May you sense our love and prayers from ALL of us far away.

May the doctors and nurses have smooth hands and sharp eyes.

May we all see a miracle through you, through this surgery and through the last three chemos.

Mom you are a wonder to me every day – your unconditional love, your kindness, your work ethic, your support for me and my boys.

I love you mom! Heal quickly and see you at home next week.

In Jesus’ mighty and healing name I pray all these things. Amen.

7 thoughts on “Be Going In for Surgery”

    1. Thank you! That means a lot to us, especially from you. I can’t wait til we cross paths one day. You are such am encouragement. How is potty training?

      1. You know, I can’t wait, either. Remind me where in the States you live . . . maybe one day.
        We gave up on the potty training. If he wants treats he has to go in the toilet but for now he’s decided treats aren’t worth it (when he asks for a cookie in the middle of the week he won’t get it till he goes on the potty).
        How is your mother feeling? How are you managing with it? From reading your blog you seem to be keeping your chin up but it sure sounds like a tough thing to do . . .

      2. I live in Western Canada. I manage because I am learning to live in day at a time. I used to be a worrier, but this was so overwhelming that it would have worried me to death. So I choose to let go and let God!

      3. You are so super-duper strong. And, just want you to know – even if I don’t comment I am reading. It’s good to see that you’re still posting regularly, even if your posts are tinged with sadness.

    2. May I ask you a personal question? Feel free not to answer. My oldest son tonight asked me the meaning of amen. And I’m wondering if you could explain to me what amen means to you and what would you say if your son asked you this question.

      With gratitude.

      1. Sure. And it’s not personal at all.
        Amen means, “May it be so,” i.e., a form of agreement and acceptance. There are those who point out that the Hebrew letters that form the word “Amen” (alef, mem, nun) stand for “G-d is a faithful King.”
        Does that help?

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