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Be Toasting the Roast

Saturday morning here and you can imagine that it involves a pot of coffee brewing.  

A wake-me up in a cup. 

A sip of Java. 

A morning toast to the roast. 

 We don’t all like coffee, but the smell is distinctive and very comforting.  

And a coffee shop up at the Star ski hill can make you feel completely at home in winter or summer.    

Be A Scooper

It is Taco Tuesday at our house!  What are you having for dinner?

Sexy Neck is at work so the meal has to be simple.  We usually have tacos on Tuesday, but when daddy is away it becomes DIY dinner.

It is a simple meal that the boys can make themselves: Scoops, meat and beans that I have cooked earlier in the day with salsa, add some cheese and avocado.  Put in the oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes.  Add some fresh veggies and humous.  Viola c’est fini.