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Be Burning The “To Do” List

How many moments have I missed by the “to do” list that runs in my mind? 

 How many words have just floated by me as I stare at my “to do” list on the counter? 

 What am I missing when I attend to my ‘to do’s”? 

This endless list that gives me a perception that I am fruitful, productive and moving in the ‘right’ direction.  

Right now I choose: 

To stand still. 

Allowing time to float by. 

Having no schedule.  

Nothing “to do”. 

For a few days, I have the gift of sunburning the “to do’s” to the basics – food, water, sleep are the only necessities we have.  

 Time to notice. 

 A season of slowing down.

A time to play. 

A season to see.  

An opportunity to be.  




Human being. 



Be Turning a Corner

Mom has officially turned a corner. No more pain/nausea. She is getting out and about. She came for a short visit today. She is eating and drinking. It truly is the little things in life! October 31st is mom’s surgery date.

Oh ya, I also have something to share. When you ‘turn the corner’ into our dining room/kitchen, look at this great hat rack we put up from Ikea:


I love this simple rack! It holds all the boys knapsacks. There are cubbies for them to put their home reading/crafts in. We have even been using the top to keep our precious Lego creations safe.

I just love turning a corner!


I am not sure if anyone feels schizophrenic about this post or not, but it definitely shed some light for me. I was writing about my mom turning a corner which led me to thinking about our new rack around the corner.

Every day, I live in the reality of my mom’s journey through cancer. Every day I struggle to ‘feel’ anything but sadness and loss. It is the little things like this silly backpack rack that keep my chin up and my feet moving forward.

Everything else (mom’s cancer, this move, some relationships, new neighbours) I can’t put into an “organized box”!

Thank God for God. I’m holding tightly my Lord!

Be A Man -Part ?

Our wee ones see everything. Parenting sure is caught not taught.

Tonight, we arrived home at 9pm after visiting Nana and Papa. I knew that Sexy Neck had work to do to get ready for school tomorrow.

JC was picking out his clothes to wear for his first day of Grade One. He informed us that he wanted to hook them up on a hook just like Daddy. (We didn’t know that Jackson had seen him choose his clothes at night.).

Here’s Daddy’s clothes ready for tomorrow:


Ten minutes later, the boys had their own hooks for their clothes.

What a man!




Be Removing A Closet

What do we really WANT and NEED?

This question keeps rolling through my mind as I wade through the copious amount of stuff in my parents basement and the torn apart house we hope to occupy in less than four weeks.

You will be happy to know that we are not going on the Hoarders TV show, but we are making steps to remove a closet so that all three of our boys can share a room.

Yes, in the world of resale, probably not the best move.  But in the realm of us having the priority that our boys will be close, share their lives and their worlds with each other, getting rid of a closet is something we need to do.

One decision down… 1,368 to go!


The view of the closet from the hall.  Look at all that space we will have for the boys literal bed room.  We plan on keeping their clothes, books and some toys in the other bedroom down the hall.  The boys are excited about their “sleeping” room and their “book” room as they are calling them.