Be A Man -Part ?

Our wee ones see everything. Parenting sure is caught not taught.

Tonight, we arrived home at 9pm after visiting Nana and Papa. I knew that Sexy Neck had work to do to get ready for school tomorrow.

JC was picking out his clothes to wear for his first day of Grade One. He informed us that he wanted to hook them up on a hook just like Daddy. (We didn’t know that Jackson had seen him choose his clothes at night.).

Here’s Daddy’s clothes ready for tomorrow:


Ten minutes later, the boys had their own hooks for their clothes.

What a man!




7 thoughts on “Be A Man -Part ?”

  1. Yitzchak says, “How did he come up with that stuff so fast? Did he make the hooks at home? I think he must be some kind of teacher.” (Don’t ask how the first part leads to the second. There are some things that it’s better just to not understand. :D)

    At any rate, ten minutes is certainly a record. (BTW, I noticed that at some point you stopped using the boys’ initials and started writing names. Is that on purpose/ something you want to do?)

      1. You’re welcome. I was wondering if it was on purpose, because you stopped caring, or by accident, because you forgot yourself. 🙂
        I am always exhausted.

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