Be Having an Healing Chemo #2

Mom starts the first day of school in our household with her second chemotherapy session tomorrow at 8:30am. (The exact time JC starts Grade One in his new school in KTown).


We are praying that this chemotherapy will go much better than the last one as mom is no longer battling dehydration. bowel obstructions or pain/nausea that was out of control.

Mom had her pre-chemo blood test and doctors appointment last Friday. Her white cells, platelets and kidney function were all good, but her red blood cells were low. (She was at 83, normal is 118.). The Doctor recommended that she either go into the ER to get a blood transfusion or they would postpone the chemo appointment for Tuesday and do it then.

Can you guess what my mom did? Can you imagine her postponing something?

11:00am on Saturday morning (of another long weekend. You can see my post of the August long weekend here!), my mom went to the ER and let the journey begin.

– 4 different nurses with multiple needles trying to find a vein.
-1 anaestesologist who was in surgery who finally arrived and got the needle into the vein in ten seconds flat
– arrival back on the second floor Ward from hell, but reunited with wonderful nurse Jackie. You met her here. I love how God weaves our lives together.
– mom was admitted onto the ward but refused to put on a gown.
– 3 bags of blood and mom was ready to leave. Time 4am.

Mom had a restful few days trying to recover from her latest hospital experience. She even made it out to her favourite country cafe for breakfast with dad, her sister and our good friend Wendy.

Mom, we are cheering you on from down south. May you feel better after this latest round of chemotherapy. You are incredible and an inspiration to all.

“Air hug!” (I haven’t been able to give mom a big squeeze in a few days as I have managed to get a cold – boo!)


Be A Man -Part ?

Our wee ones see everything. Parenting sure is caught not taught.

Tonight, we arrived home at 9pm after visiting Nana and Papa. I knew that Sexy Neck had work to do to get ready for school tomorrow.

JC was picking out his clothes to wear for his first day of Grade One. He informed us that he wanted to hook them up on a hook just like Daddy. (We didn’t know that Jackson had seen him choose his clothes at night.).

Here’s Daddy’s clothes ready for tomorrow:


Ten minutes later, the boys had their own hooks for their clothes.

What a man!