Be a Muffin Watcher

The friend who gave me the Jesus calling book in my previous post also made muffins for our family. My banana avoiding son, JC, devoured these muffins and now asks for them almost daily.

Here’s the muffins:

*I use spelt flour in place of flour.

Here are my muffin makers watching these yummy muffins cook.
Actually now that I look at the photo, I think JC was getting ready to poke or tackle his brother.


We have been blessed. Thanks T.B.

Be Seeing God’s Hand.

In the depth of despair, the busyness of my mind and body I carried throughout my previous days have been stripped away.

The fog that covered my eyes has been lifted, I guess anguish will do that for you.

Gently, I see God tapping me and the people around me on their shoulders, asking, “Do you see me at work?” Interesting on the first day of school, I saw a women carrying this book that I was given while my mom was in the hospital.


Also on the first day of school, I walked into the schoolyard with our realtor who helped us buy our house as well I saw an old childhood friend, Marie.

Lovingly, I see angels surrounding my parents with love and security, protection from illness and familiar faces.

Amazingly, I sense God’s healing presence in my relationship with many people. Showing me what stuff I need to deal with in my own life and the other stuff that isn’t mine. Oh I have stuff! I need to stay out of other people’s business with God. Get out of the way so that God can do His work.

Gratefully, Jesus loves us all without comparison. We all fall short when compared to God’s glory but Jesus came to be a bridge for us all to know God’s love, forgiveness and grace.

In the depth of sadness, I see God’s hand in action touching me and those around me.

Thank you God for helping walk through my anguish.