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Be Turning a Corner

Mom has officially turned a corner. No more pain/nausea. She is getting out and about. She came for a short visit today. She is eating and drinking. It truly is the little things in life! October 31st is mom’s surgery date.

Oh ya, I also have something to share. When you ‘turn the corner’ into our dining room/kitchen, look at this great hat rack we put up from Ikea:


I love this simple rack! It holds all the boys knapsacks. There are cubbies for them to put their home reading/crafts in. We have even been using the top to keep our precious Lego creations safe.

I just love turning a corner!


I am not sure if anyone feels schizophrenic about this post or not, but it definitely shed some light for me. I was writing about my mom turning a corner which led me to thinking about our new rack around the corner.

Every day, I live in the reality of my mom’s journey through cancer. Every day I struggle to ‘feel’ anything but sadness and loss. It is the little things like this silly backpack rack that keep my chin up and my feet moving forward.

Everything else (mom’s cancer, this move, some relationships, new neighbours) I can’t put into an “organized box”!

Thank God for God. I’m holding tightly my Lord!

Be a Morning Person?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a morning person. My pattern has been work late, exercise in the evening, sleep in when I can… and when I say sleep in, I mean til 10am or later.

The birth of 3 children aged 5, 3 and 1, have slowly lead me to become a morning person. I now regularly wake up between 5am and 6am, depending on which boss boy needs me.

Don’t tell any of my immediate family members, hence we might bring on a heart attack, but I actually enjoy my mornings now.

The boys and I eat breakfast, look out the window at the birds/snow/leaves, play some lego and we hangout together at our extra large borrowed Ikea table.

I even get a little bible study in, where I can read, reflect, pray and be thankful. What a way to start a day!