Be Removing A Closet

What do we really WANT and NEED?

This question keeps rolling through my mind as I wade through the copious amount of stuff in my parents basement and the torn apart house we hope to occupy in less than four weeks.

You will be happy to know that we are not going on the Hoarders TV show, but we are making steps to remove a closet so that all three of our boys can share a room.

Yes, in the world of resale, probably not the best move.  But in the realm of us having the priority that our boys will be close, share their lives and their worlds with each other, getting rid of a closet is something we need to do.

One decision down… 1,368 to go!


The view of the closet from the hall.  Look at all that space we will have for the boys literal bed room.  We plan on keeping their clothes, books and some toys in the other bedroom down the hall.  The boys are excited about their “sleeping” room and their “book” room as they are calling them.

5 thoughts on “Be Removing A Closet”

  1. aw! they’ll feel right at home here when you visit then! The kids have loved our bedroom and dressing room here too! The cutest part so far is when Daria was coughing too much at night she wanted to go sleep on the “dressing room” futon so she didn’t keep Janelle and Stefan up. and when someone is sleeping or napping, anyone can still dress without disturbing the others! phenomenal! thumbs up to communal dressing room/bedroom combos!

      1. Well, I grew up with closets, so I never really thought of them as a ridiculous invention. But here in Israel, a closet means a standing closet, with top cupboards and bottom shoe drawers, shelves, and some hanging space. And sometimes, other drawers, too (not the kind you wear).

        When I told Yitzchak that one of the apartments I looked at had a creaky closet, he asked if I meant built-in, and I had to ask him what that was. That’s when I realized how much “closet” to me means the standing kind, by default.

        How far I have come . . .
        Honestly, I don’t know which type is better. But for sure your type doesn’t have the risk of falling in an earthquake! (And, it might be a good place to sit during an air-raid siren, depending on its location.)

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