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Be Living Reality 

Ask anyone I taught with, I was a reality tv junky. 



The Bachelor.  

Big Brother.  

American Idol.  


At the schools I worked at, I used to organize Survivor Pools where we each would ‘be’ a character and we would see who would be the ‘Sole Survivor’! 

Hours upon hours of reality tv, where my week would be organized around the specific day and hour the show would be on. 

Survivor was Thursdays.  


5:00pm if you had an eastern channel!

I loved it when my mom moved to town because she had that eastern time zone channel. 

Yup, imagine revolving your whole week around a reality tv show?  I did it!  Yes, I did! 

When my oldest, who is now nine, was four months old, I knew I had a wake-up call from tv land and I realized I had to make a decision.  

I had just started maternity leave and was home full time with JC!  I was moving from an incredible, full 14 hour days as a teacher, to home and my Reality tv land.  Can you see where I was going?

I knew I had to make a choice: watch reality from the couch or live it everywhere I went.   We decided to live it.  We stopped paying for cable television.  We started being intentional about what and when we wanted to watch tv shows on the Internet or via DVD’s.  We saw less commercials.  Our boys have rarely seen a commercial in their lives and often find them annoyingly interrupting to what they are watching.  

(Sidenote: The constant Oil of Olay commercials on the children’s network, Treehouse, also persuaded me to cut cable. Did I want my boys to think that women’s faces looked like that?)

Now, I live in reality every day with my brood of boys.  

I live it everywhere I go.  

Television shows and movies are rare. 

Connecting with others and creating space to be is happening every day. 

I have space to let my mind meander.  

I have nothing ‘pulling’ me away from my vision of what I want my daily reality to look like.  

My living ‘reality’ involves copious amounts of food in somewhat strange combinations, refereeing wrestling matches, going off the beaten path and lots of high energy activities.  That sounds exactly like reality tv, doesn’t it? 

Survivor anyone? Who will be the sole survivor?  Some days it’s me!

Big Brother? Me and my houseful of boys.  

Really real. 

Living life.  




Perfectly imperfect.  

Being me.  

In my reality.  

Hmmmm…. maybe it’s time to get rid of Facebook?  But that’s really real, isn’t it? 😂

Be Watching Nanny McPhee

When I asked my old bible study group in Vtown to pray for a new babysitter for us, I didn’t envision ending up lying on the floor in tears with a new DVD to watch. BUT I DID!

Last night the bible study girls were doing their study on listening to God. I am doing it here on my own, just soaking up the study from Priscilla Shirer like cocoa butter lotion.

20140212-142336.jpgThe basics of the study for me so far have been:
1. God wants to have a relationship with me, yup me! This ain’t about no religion nor specific church.
2. God is present all around me through His word, nature, people and circumstances. (I think I have seen that with all the coincidences lately)
3. To quiet the distractions of this world, I can be aware of God by opening my eyes and my heart as well as by just creating space and time. I do this by not watching TV nor running around like a crazy, busy woman.

Last night, I specifically asked the girls to pray for a new babysitter for us, as our babysitter is going to work at a Vineyard on March 1st.

Here is what happened next via Facebook messages with my awesome hugging friend, Karen:


Here’s the evidence:

Yup, God even reveals his goodness and love for ME through Nanny McPhee DVD’s.

(My apologies for my incoherent Facebook response. I hope you got the gist. It was hard to write while in tears on the floor!)