Be Watching Nanny McPhee

When I asked my old bible study group in Vtown to pray for a new babysitter for us, I didn’t envision ending up lying on the floor in tears with a new DVD to watch. BUT I DID!

Last night the bible study girls were doing their study on listening to God. I am doing it here on my own, just soaking up the study from Priscilla Shirer like cocoa butter lotion.

20140212-142336.jpgThe basics of the study for me so far have been:
1. God wants to have a relationship with me, yup me! This ain’t about no religion nor specific church.
2. God is present all around me through His word, nature, people and circumstances. (I think I have seen that with all the coincidences lately)
3. To quiet the distractions of this world, I can be aware of God by opening my eyes and my heart as well as by just creating space and time. I do this by not watching TV nor running around like a crazy, busy woman.

Last night, I specifically asked the girls to pray for a new babysitter for us, as our babysitter is going to work at a Vineyard on March 1st.

Here is what happened next via Facebook messages with my awesome hugging friend, Karen:


Here’s the evidence:

Yup, God even reveals his goodness and love for ME through Nanny McPhee DVD’s.

(My apologies for my incoherent Facebook response. I hope you got the gist. It was hard to write while in tears on the floor!)

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