Be Going to the Winter Carnival Parade

It was too cold to cross country ski today but it was perfect to watch the Winter Carnival Parade from our favourite Japanese Restaurant in Vtown.



OC even got his wish and saw an elephant. (No, it wasn’t real!)


CC thought he saw Nana down the street and we got to talk about Nana again when an ambulance went by.

20140208-135946.jpgBeautiful family morning with Papa and memories of Nana.


Here we are last year enjoying the hot air balloons.
We missed watching the parade with our Sharpe friends. They now live on the Island and she blogs at

Be Indiscriminate.

Cancer is indiscriminate.

No question.

No concern about who gets it.

I will never be able to make sense of my mom’s diagnosis and ultimate death due to cancer.

Often when I hear about famous people getting diagnosed with cancer I am apathetic about it because I think, they have money and they will be able to do more to cure their cancer or at least put the cancer into remission. Nope. Patrick Swayze, Dana Reeve (Superman’s wife), Steve Jobs (Apple guy) and Luciano Pavarotti (Opera Singer) have all died from cancer.



Knocking me senseless.