Be Watching the Sochi Olympics

Last Saturday morning at our house.

The boys are watching the live feed for the Olympic coverage today. I am enjoying watching them and hearing their comments.

Figure Skating

Commentary from CC (Four year old)
“Woah, how do they do that? I can’t spin around like that! Look, her feet are off the ground. Can I have a team jacket like they have?

Slope Style Medal Ceremony
Commentary from Dada
“Wow, we won a medal already. Bronze. Mark McMorris. Woah, look at the second place guy’s Mohawk! There were two guys better than him, he got a bronze. The tradition is that the winner gets the song from their country so they aren’t going to play Canada’s anthem.”

Commentary from OC (2years old)
“I see caaanada wite der!”

Commentary from JC (6 years old)
“Do they go down face first? (Big smile), Actually, I want to do that one.”

*The boys are mesmerized!
“Where’s the target?”

“They need to ski ten kilometres and shoot too.”

“Are the targets upside down? Why do they go on to another person?

“Is da hockey?”