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Be Untrainable (a post for my three boys) 

    Boys, there are some thing that I never want the world or anyone in the world to train out of you.  I watched all of you complete a triathlon on Sunday. Personally, I love how sports and being active can teach us about life.  I feel this to be particularly true about volleyball and Triathlon.  

                        OC- 5 years old 

    Volleyball will teach you how to deal with failures when they happen and get over them quickly.  It teaches you how to always work as a team and how to be a contributing team player, no matter the role assigned to you.  Volleyball will take you through a life full of emotions in only one match.  But oh, Triathlon, this teaches us even more about life.  

               CC – 8th birthday day 

    Triathlon teaches us so much about ourselves.  Three years ago, I wouldn’t even have considered doing one.  My mind was holding me back.  So that’s the biggest hurdle we need to overcome is our mind’s desire to hold us back from success and adventure.  With training, anyone can complete a swim, cycle and run triathlon.  

                      JC – 10 years old 

    Swimming in triathlon is a special part of the event because you can drown! Mentally, you need to overcome that thought of dying, overcome the affects of water and waves as well as “Just keep swimming!” as Dory likes to remind us to do.  Now, we get to cycling boys! The part of the event that could lead to injury.  Through contact with other racers or the road.  You may need to hold your composure with equipment failure or getting passed on the hills.  Always remember that the swim and cycle part are really getting you ready for the run.  Imagine the swim as your birth to elementary school years.   Cycling is that adventurous and fast teenage years.  The run is adult life. This is where the real magic happens.  Every little stroke in the water or on the bike has set you up for the run.  On the run one step at a time, you will need to focus. Neither looking back nor too far ahead.  The run, like life, is a time to savour and enjoy a race well done!  And you did this on Sunday!   You showed how you want to live your life and my prayer tonight is that no one will ever take these skills from you, all these skills that you exemplified during your triathlons.  




    Intrinsic motivation. 

    Deep feelings. 



    And oh did you love that Sun Rype buffet at the end! 

    Keep celebrating.  

    Keep being you.  

    Always be you! 

    Love your very proud Mama 

    Be a Swim, Bike, Runner…

    The beautiful summer days of adventure, creating, dreaming, reading, eating, movie watching as well as swim, bike and running followed by a fantastic Sun Rype buffet to finish it off.

    A few weekends ago, our four, seven and nine year old boys embarked on an athletic event that is so delightful.  It took our youngest 8:49 to get to the Sun Rype buffet table where they can choose any Sun Rype products.  Our seven year old was 10:18 and our oldest zipped around the course in 21:07.   They had a fantastic morning!  Look at those medals too!  This kids triathlon knows how to create magical memories for kids!  And that is what our family is all about!


    OC – age 4.


    CC – Age 7 + one day


    JC – Age 9


    Our Cheering squad and our amazing racers!

    Love these summer days!  Love these moments.

    May you create magical moments each day.

    In words.

    In actions.

    In being.

    In thought.

    In spirit.

    With intention.

    In being.


    Be Golfing and Hobbling Away on Mother’s Day

    Golfing on Mother’s Day!  Yup, that’s what I chose.

    It’s a comfortable place for me.

    I had my high school graduation dinner at a golf course, my wedding rehearsal dinner, my grandfather’s ninetieth birthday party and many weekend meals.   I also spent a year trying to keep up to my amazing older cousins as a junior member!

    Golf was my place for this mother’s day.

    A place to laugh, wack a few balls, put a hole in one and just enjoy being outside and active with my boys.  Isn’t that the best place to be my fellow Mamas of active children?


    After golf, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to try a new yoga class with my fellow triathlete competitor and Mama from last Sunday, Joan!

    She may be cursing me now and I may not be able to walk tomorrow.  That seventy-five minute class was harder than my triathlon last week! I laughed all the way through class as I stretched and moved.  Anyone know the chair pose?  Try that one with a block between your thighs over twenty times!   I am laughing all the way to bed as I hobble there.  I may need help getting out of bed tomorrow!  Bahhhahha…


    Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful friends!

    May you continue to live life trying new things.

    Outside your comfort zone.

    Discovering new muscles in your body and mind.

    Create space for new.

    Enjoying the people that come across your path.

    With smiles and joy.

    Loving up those close peeps in your life!

    Smooch, Joanna

    Be The Reason, Not The Excuse

    “I don’t have time.”

    “My children are too little.”

    “My work is too difficult.”

    “I don’t have a bathing suit.”

    “My home is too far away.”

    Excuses pouring through our thoughts and out of our mouths.

    Another excuse to do something that you really want to do.

    At 6:15am this morning.

    My son taught me about the importance of turning my excuses into my reasons.

    At 6:15am this morning.

    Looking like this carrying his towel and goggles into the swimming pool:


    He had watched me compete in a triathlon on the weekend.

    He decided he wanted to start training too!

    At 6:15am.

    Imagine if I had used my children as an excuse not to train.

    Imagine if I would have used my busyness as an excuse not to sign-up.

    Imagine if I would have used my body as a excuse not to put my shoes or bathing suit on.

    My children, my life, my body are MY REASON!

    This is why I do what I do!

    What excuses will you choose to turn into your reasons?

    Imagine what possibilities could happen!


    Smooch, Joanna


    As always, feel free to join in on the action on Facebook! Share your reasons!

    Be Starving Yourself


    I was out walking the hills today with a protein shake in my hand in an area called the Cariboo, not the animal caribou, the region Cariboo.   


    I was looking at the dark green plants and the lush trees and then I got looking at the soil.  The soil looked rich, it looked vibrant. It was alive! 

     And then I realized that I have been starving myself, unknowingly for many years. 

    I didn’t feel rich.  

    I wasn’t vibrant. 

    Nor would I describe my energy level as alive. 

     Yes, I ate three square meals per day like my parents told me.

    I ate fruit, vegetables, protein, grains, milk products and probably too many healthy fats.  (I love my nuts!)

    I even would only eat three quarters of the bag of Costco chips and sometimes I would only sneak down and eat half of the leftover birthday cake. 

     I was never satisfied with what I was eating. 

     I never felt full. 

    I never felt like I had enough. 

    I think I was literally starving myself. 

    Craving salt or other minerals. 

     Looking for protein in all sorts of sources. 

     Seeking vitamins but forgetting to take my vitamins. 


     Enter into my life a protein shake product that has whey from New Zealand cows that are grass fed and get milked when they want to be. 

     STOP THE PRESS those OTHER protein shakes or milk products I was consuming may have been made with cows that are injected with antibiotics because of the feed lots that they live in and get stuffed with growth hormone because they don’t produce milk when they are scheduled. 

    DUDE… Antibiotics, growth hormone, my body was hurting for certain. 

     BUT, back to the shakes.  


    Can you feel the excitement? 

     I feel full. 

    I love the taste. 

    I feel satisfied.

    I have energy. 

     I can do ANYTHING! 


    I did my first triathlon just over a week ago after consuming a shake.  I played competitive volleyball for TEN YEARS and never felt as good as I did during these two hours swimming, biking and running twenty years AFTER my retirement from volleyball.  

    I am no longer starving my body, my mind or even my spirit. 

     Full of gratitude for ALL that I can do. 

    Overflowing with blessings because of this product that has enriched my life in so many ways. 

     Come watch the journey unfold.

    Checkout my facebook page: Joanna Jenkins Cann or follow this blog. 

    This post is dedicated to my unfolding team: Krista, Tony, Colette, Sarah, Robyn, Joan, Kim and of course my Sexy Neck husband. 

    Be Trying a Tri 

    In the post-Christmas darkness of grief, I took time to sit with myself, alone to ponder and grieve.  As I let go through this grieving process, I had one huge realization that has affected ever day for the last four months.

    I realized for certain I could die at any moment.

    Strange huh?

    I knew this fact about life, but watching my mom die helped me ‘know’.

    Now, I am unafraid.

    Death is a certainty.

    I am free!

    Through this new lense of “knowing” the inevitable,  I am experiencing rich days.

    Days where God’s coincidences are profound and His love is pouring out.

    Moments where I can easily let go of relationships that are unhealthy or where people don’t accept me as being an imperfect person.

    Choices where I choose health in what I consume and what I do.

    Times where I make decisions and then work hard to see them come to fruition.

    Today is one of these days!

    Four months ago, I decided to do a triathlon.  A 750 metre swim, followed by a 30 kilometre bike ride then rounded out by a 5 kilometre run.  The funny thing is that I am not very good at any of them, but I figure throw them all together and this sounded like fun.


    With my cheering section at the side of the race course, and the incredible racers surrounding me.  I did it!

    photo 3

    I tried a tri!

    One stroke.

    One push.

    One step at a time.

    Ann Voskamp once wrote, “Daily discipline brings freedom.”

    Yes, it does.

    Discipline to be who you are with the gifts God has given you.

    Knowing the truth about life’s fragility.

    Savouring every day.

    What will you try?

    Be a Cheerleader

    Sometimes I want it to be all about me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

    Most days, I realize that as the President of the family (more on this later), I need to look at my family and do a few things for them, like cook, do laundry, make sure the dogs are fed and oh ya, the worms.  I forget to introduce you to the worms in our basement that eat all our compost.

    Anyways, my husband, let’s call him sexy neck, had the midnight to 3am shift with our poor little teething 11 month old. I knew that Sexy Neck wasn’t going to have alot of energy today. So, I arranged for the family to go down to the Beach/Park so that Sexy Neck could do a training swim for his triathlon. (I signed him up for the triathlon because for the last 10 years he has been talking about doing one, so I took the iniative and he has been loving it.)  Poor teething CW, had a nap in the stroller and our 3 year old, JC, was able to play at the fabulous Purple Park Playground.

    Now, I get to see old Sexy Neck in a wetsuit, doing something that he has always wanted to do and loving it!

    Today, I decided to be a cheerleader and I think we all feel better for it. Well, except for little CW and his poor teeth.