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Be Untrainable (a post for my three boys) 

    Boys, there are some thing that I never want the world or anyone in the world to train out of you.  I watched all of you complete a triathlon on Sunday. Personally, I love how sports and being active can teach us about life.  I feel this to be particularly true about volleyball and Triathlon.  

                        OC- 5 years old 

    Volleyball will teach you how to deal with failures when they happen and get over them quickly.  It teaches you how to always work as a team and how to be a contributing team player, no matter the role assigned to you.  Volleyball will take you through a life full of emotions in only one match.  But oh, Triathlon, this teaches us even more about life.  

               CC – 8th birthday day 

    Triathlon teaches us so much about ourselves.  Three years ago, I wouldn’t even have considered doing one.  My mind was holding me back.  So that’s the biggest hurdle we need to overcome is our mind’s desire to hold us back from success and adventure.  With training, anyone can complete a swim, cycle and run triathlon.  

                      JC – 10 years old 

    Swimming in triathlon is a special part of the event because you can drown! Mentally, you need to overcome that thought of dying, overcome the affects of water and waves as well as “Just keep swimming!” as Dory likes to remind us to do.  Now, we get to cycling boys! The part of the event that could lead to injury.  Through contact with other racers or the road.  You may need to hold your composure with equipment failure or getting passed on the hills.  Always remember that the swim and cycle part are really getting you ready for the run.  Imagine the swim as your birth to elementary school years.   Cycling is that adventurous and fast teenage years.  The run is adult life. This is where the real magic happens.  Every little stroke in the water or on the bike has set you up for the run.  On the run one step at a time, you will need to focus. Neither looking back nor too far ahead.  The run, like life, is a time to savour and enjoy a race well done!  And you did this on Sunday!   You showed how you want to live your life and my prayer tonight is that no one will ever take these skills from you, all these skills that you exemplified during your triathlons.  




    Intrinsic motivation. 

    Deep feelings. 



    And oh did you love that Sun Rype buffet at the end! 

    Keep celebrating.  

    Keep being you.  

    Always be you! 

    Love your very proud Mama 

    Be a Swim, Bike, Runner…

    The beautiful summer days of adventure, creating, dreaming, reading, eating, movie watching as well as swim, bike and running followed by a fantastic Sun Rype buffet to finish it off.

    A few weekends ago, our four, seven and nine year old boys embarked on an athletic event that is so delightful.  It took our youngest 8:49 to get to the Sun Rype buffet table where they can choose any Sun Rype products.  Our seven year old was 10:18 and our oldest zipped around the course in 21:07.   They had a fantastic morning!  Look at those medals too!  This kids triathlon knows how to create magical memories for kids!  And that is what our family is all about!


    OC – age 4.


    CC – Age 7 + one day


    JC – Age 9


    Our Cheering squad and our amazing racers!

    Love these summer days!  Love these moments.

    May you create magical moments each day.

    In words.

    In actions.

    In being.

    In thought.

    In spirit.

    With intention.

    In being.


    Be Riding Nana’s Bike (Post about Joy!)

    Lately have you felt that happiness that just flows out of you?

    Your teeth seem whiter and brighter?

    Your smile is larger than life?

    Joy seeps out through every skin cell in your body?


    Last weekend, we decided to get the bikes ready for a ride to a local coffee shop.

    We noticed Nana’s old bike in the back of garage from when our friend Sara used it last year.

    We asked our oldest, JC, if he wanted to ride Nana’s bike.

    The ride was PURE joy for him and it flowed through us all.

    He loved the feeling of being up on Nana’s bike.

    He was mesmerized with her gears.

    We talked about all the different places that Nana used to ride her bike and how she would often just miraculously show up in our backyard for a ‘break’ and a drink of cold water.

    Really we knew that Nana loved a destination and she loved seeing her people!

    As we watched JC ride Nana’s bike, happiness flowed out of us all.

    Our teeth seem were whiter and brighter.

    Our smiles were larger than life?

    Joy was seeping out through every skin cell in our bodies?

    A perfect joy-filled precious moment.

    Just being.