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Be A Man -Part ?

Our wee ones see everything. Parenting sure is caught not taught.

Tonight, we arrived home at 9pm after visiting Nana and Papa. I knew that Sexy Neck had work to do to get ready for school tomorrow.

JC was picking out his clothes to wear for his first day of Grade One. He informed us that he wanted to hook them up on a hook just like Daddy. (We didn’t know that Jackson had seen him choose his clothes at night.).

Here’s Daddy’s clothes ready for tomorrow:


Ten minutes later, the boys had their own hooks for their clothes.

What a man!




Be In A Restful State

I feel that I have a healthy understanding of what my strengths and limitations are. I know that one area I need to work on is learning how to “rest”.

I think the physical posture of rest is important for me to learn. I have endured numbness, tingling and muscular fatigue in my limbs and face for almost four years. I think learning to physically, mentally and emotionally rest is the key to my healing.

Day two in our new house and Sexy Neck modelled “rest” for me well, even with our three boys mulling around.


Be Celebrating Father’s Day

“The carpenter’s hammer goes rap, rap, rap and the saw goes see saw see.”


Do you know this Kindermusik song?

This song epitomized our Father’s Day.  It was absolutely wonderful for the boys and Sexy Neck to work together on a few projects.  Our oldest, JC, wanted to make a bike rack for the new house.  The boys got dada a fire pit for the backyard so that we could roast marshmallows.


We also cooked muffin tin eggs for dada, I think this is something my boys could attempt on their own next year for father’s day – bread, ham, uncooked scrambled egg and shredded cheese in a muffin tin.  Pop it into a 350 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes and viola, lunch for dada.

We also went down to “Purple Park” for a play hang on the new playground and some time at the beach.

As I watched all the children and their father’s coming to the beach, I wondered:

Is Father’s Day really another Mother’s Day?  

Be A Spray Painter

I love our contractor.  He has saved us hundreds of hours renovating our new house.  I especially love his spray painter machine thingy.  Yup, I am really getting into this renovation thing aren’t I!  hee hee…

Here are the latest photos from the living room and kitchen – We have had the house for four weeks…



… and we have probably four weeks to go!

Be A Man – Part IV

I love my man!  Usually when I talk about ‘be a man’ (see here), I am talking about Sexy Neck.

In the midst of cleaning, moving and digging out trees, I had to add a guest “man” to my banter with my man.

Papa Bob or Baron Bob as we lovingly call our dear friend, is a great man.

He came to dig out our boy’s placenta trees.  Trees we had planted with our boys placenta’s underneath.  Strange, I know, but really interesting.   JC has an autumn blaze tree because of the colour and CC has a plane tree because of the size.  OC will get his tree this fall when he turns two.

Since we were moving today, the boys requested that the trees come with us.  They also asked if we could bring the bathroom mirror, but we left that behind.

Our Papa Bob, was busy digging a humungous hole in our heavy clay soil, but when the boys arrived he had them digging with him, avoided hitting them with his sledgehammer and looked like a superhero when the roots finally gave way.

Here is Papa Bob in action.  Let’s remember it is easy to get our heads down in a hole, but it is the people that God has placed around us that really matter.  Thank PB for reminding us of this!




Be a Movember Man

I am not a fan of facial hair, especially moustaches. BUT, I do love the message of Movember.

I pray that your man raised some money for prostate cancer and got their prostate checked if they are over 50 (Can it hurt to do it earlier?) or having difficulty urinating.



Quote from JC, “You look funny!” Funny for a cause – way to go Sexy Neck!