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Be a Movember Man

I am not a fan of facial hair, especially moustaches. BUT, I do love the message of Movember.

I pray that your man raised some money for prostate cancer and got their prostate checked if they are over 50 (Can it hurt to do it earlier?) or having difficulty urinating.



Quote from JC, “You look funny!” Funny for a cause – way to go Sexy Neck!

Be a Man!

My man is a man! I mean truly a man. He is the leader of our family and I respect him immensely. He is an idea guy, an athlete, a play-by ear guitarist, a hardworker, an amazing father and a loving husband! I believe that he can do anything he sets his mind to! So often I help him set his mind to things. tee heee… The one thing that I always love him to do is to write on our entry chalkboard to honour our boys birthdays. Here are 2 of daddy chalkboard signs this year:Image


Thanks hon, for being a man!