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Be In A Restful State

I feel that I have a healthy understanding of what my strengths and limitations are. I know that one area I need to work on is learning how to “rest”.

I think the physical posture of rest is important for me to learn. I have endured numbness, tingling and muscular fatigue in my limbs and face for almost four years. I think learning to physically, mentally and emotionally rest is the key to my healing.

Day two in our new house and Sexy Neck modelled “rest” for me well, even with our three boys mulling around.


Be Pigpen, Not Lucy

I used to know it all!


I could stand on my box and spout off all sorts of interesting facts and you bet that I would always spell it write right.  Oh I had opinions, my friends, and they were usually right or wrong.

I used my six foot frame to play any and every sport.  I never rested, nor sat down very long.

My prayer life was as rich as putting a sliver of milk chocolate in a cup of hot water.

Almost four years ago, after the birth of our second child, my world fell apart.

I started having numbness and tingling, muscular fatigue, memory loss and other “annoying” physical ailments.   I felt despair that was like a river of mud.  I thought thoughts that were as dark as this muddy river.  I held onto my old self, but ended up having to let it go.

God was creating a new ME.

He used the people in my life to wade into the muddy water. My Tuesday night bible study leader, a faraway friend in Alberta,  a mommy friend from the beginning, a friend from University life, a teacher I taught beside and a husband who stood by me through it all!

I wouldn’t have survived the mud without the prayer of these Saints, the encouragement to keep putting one foot in front of each other and the opportunity to see miracles working through them.  God weaves everything together for His good, even my tingling, my problems and my “pain in the ass” attitude.

About three months ago, someone called me “Pigpen”.  I was tremendously hurt by this.  I stewed over this comment for days.  Then I felt extremely grateful and such depth of insight that it could have only been from God.

Thank you Jesus as I would rather live the rest of my life as Pigpen than as Lucy.


PS.  Sexy Neck just told me that I would probably be more like Linus.  I like to be warm and cozy in my blankie.  HAHA!

Be OK!

I am going to be okay. I am going to be okay.  No matter what the MIR says or when I get it done, I am going to be okay!

OK!  I better catch you up to speed.  Since September 2009, I have been experiencing tingling, numbness in my left leg, left arm, right chin, cheek and eye and now the left side of my abdomin.  I saw a neurologist today.  He wants to rule out Multiple Sclerosis.  He wants to do a MIR.  If I go with the public system, I will wait one YEAR.  If we spend $1800 and go with the private system, I will wait one WEEK.  Hmmmm…

But no matter what we chose to do, I know that I will BE OK!  Maybe a little pissed at the beginning because I know that strain it will put on my family…

BUT, we went for the private MRI and I am ‘okay’.  I still experience numbness and tingling, but apparently I can ‘be enough’!