Be OK!

I am going to be okay. I am going to be okay.  No matter what the MIR says or when I get it done, I am going to be okay!

OK!  I better catch you up to speed.  Since September 2009, I have been experiencing tingling, numbness in my left leg, left arm, right chin, cheek and eye and now the left side of my abdomin.  I saw a neurologist today.  He wants to rule out Multiple Sclerosis.  He wants to do a MIR.  If I go with the public system, I will wait one YEAR.  If we spend $1800 and go with the private system, I will wait one WEEK.  Hmmmm…

But no matter what we chose to do, I know that I will BE OK!  Maybe a little pissed at the beginning because I know that strain it will put on my family…

BUT, we went for the private MRI and I am ‘okay’.  I still experience numbness and tingling, but apparently I can ‘be enough’!

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