Be Seeing Raffi Live

Love Raffi!

Have you seen or heard him?

This is one if our favourite songs.

The big boys and I put on our best duds and headed downtown to the community theatre this afternoon.

Normally I wouldn’t do these kind of things because at $36 each for an hour, I feel a tad wild.

But with the months we’ve lived through and knowing you can’t take your money when you die, I avoided special treats for weeks and off we went.

Raffi came on the stage (sans besrd) and lit it up. He started with our favourite friendship song (that we sing with the Sharpe’s, check out the family here.)

He sang all of our favourites, we sang along too!

Great Memory.

Lots of smiles.

Joyful noises too!




Be Sharing A Quote (and a Nana Quilt)

“As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways in which I could respond to my situation-either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

My mom sewed this quilt for Owen as she endured her five month cancer treatment journey.

As she had done for each of the boys, she created a quilt for their ‘big boy’ beds.


Goodnight wee boys.

Enveloped in Nana’s creativity, thought and labour of love.


Ironically (or not ironically if you know my latest history with irony – here and here and here…)
Mom gave this quilt to Owen after her death as we found it in her closet waiting for his big boy bed.

Never bitter.

Never complaining.

Never fearful.


Side note:
I just found the first quilt I ever made with my friend, Princess P. I had given it to my mom. I remembered how proud she was of me and how she displayed it in our living room. I also knew after many quilting conversations afterwards, that this first quilt inspired her own journey with quilting.





Be Sharing Food Love

If food was love my house (and my parents) would be exploding!

I am going to give you some insight into the last week. Just the last week! This food has been personally delivered to our doors with a smile and a hug.

Strap yourselves in here we go….

Fresh bread, fresh pie, turkey soup:


Thanks D!

Apples, pears, grapes and chocolate:

Thanks retired colleague!

Now, this one I wish I took more pictures of because it was a box of Mexican bonanza: Corn bread, chili, Mexican lasagna, shepherds pie and the fixings.

Thanks KCAM mommy A!

Today, I had a box of cookies arrive from the Island. Amazing D!


And now a wonderful woman and a husband of someone who worked with Steve brought over chili.


My heart overflows with gratitude for the food and the thought.

I probably have more pictures of food on my camera in the last week than my boys. How funny is that?

Food love.

Sharing the love.

Grieving the loss.

Be Telling Nana Stories

I can’t wrap my head around that my mom is dead.

What happened?

I never really understood cancer, how it morphs and changes, how it can consume.

I feel sharp edges of grief.
Rough, hurtful, prickly especially when I think about my mom’s unnecessary pain and hospital stay.

These sharp edges are immediately smoothed over when I hear stories of my mom, our Nana.

Like a soothing balm, these stories cover the edges and ease the pain… until the next wave comes on this ocean of grief.

Last night, we went for a walk to the field at the end of my parents’ street. As we walked, I was remembering walking their with mom, tobogganing, having the dogs out there.

Suddenly JC and CC ran ahead of us, across the field. They sat on two pieces of wood standing up. They sat there for a long time. Then JC called us over. I don’t know what the boys said while they were sitting on those logs, but JC was very clear in what he told me.

Mom, I sat on those logs with Nana. The last time I had a sleepover by myself.

JC was lit up with joy by this simple memory my mom created with him.

Beautiful memory.

Breathtaking sunset.

Thanks mom!

Be Wearing Purple

Sexy Neck agonized about his new purple shirt and tie. It was agonizing for me, anyways, watching him lay it out, try it on, switch ties…. You get the picture.

He does pull out his pink shirt for anti-bullying day, but purple on a regular work day? He wasn’t sure.

How blessed is he?

Sexy Neck walked into work and both, YUP BOTH, of the other administrators were wearing purple.

Not planned.

Pure coincidence.

Yup, that’s how we roll around here these days.

Encouragement around every corner, even when we take a risk and wear purple.

I think the secretaries are now organizing a “Mauve Monday” clothing day.

The verdict is out on how Sexy Neck will roll with that.

Be Playing in Puddles

We had a novel January experience this afternoon – playing in puddles. Where is all the snow?

Auntie H (Sexy Neck’s cousin) offered to help out and she did.

Talk and tea with me.

Play and puddles with the boys.

She shed some tears with me and strapped on the gumboots!

Who can ask for anything more?




We got wet! And cold…

Auntie H had to ride CC’s scooter home.


We even met some ducks.


Quack quack!

Squish squish!