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Be a Ding Ding Marble Thing Maker


I had to throw in a lighter post today.

My boys loves to create: Lego, blocks, and paper. They especially love it when Dada gets out the tools and the wood. Today’s creation has been in my oldest son’s mind since the summer.

Tonight, he created his ding ding marble thing. There are some benefits to having dada at home.

I am realizing that ‘hard’ times also bring blessings.

Be a Hairdresser



There is something therapeutic about going to the hairdressers. I enjoy a fresh start, a new look and a nice relaxing shampoo. I love salons, the mind candy magazines and sitting for longer than five minutes.

I am not sure if it is the new hair cut I am sporting or the Aveda products that I am using, but my boys love playing hairdresser. They love getting out their combs and chopsticks (scissors), then “do” my hair.

It is a beautiful time. I love having hairdressers in my own home, as long as they aren’t using real scissors!


Be a Wrestler

When you have 3 boys aged 5, 3 and 1, you need to come up with creative strategies to deal with the physical “combative” behavior that sometimes often comes out. My boys love to climb, build, run, bike, ski… they love to move!

We have recently moved into a stage when our one year old, OC, can get into everything. The big boys do their best to “move” him to safer areas, but sometimes it turns into a wrestling match. Let me rewrite that sentence: The big boys see their younger brother moving into their space and they try to wrestle/tackle him.

Last Sunday night, Sexy Neck and I decided that we needed to institute a formal wrestling time. Here is how it works:

Every night after dinner, each of the big boys gets to wrestle with daddy on the carpeted hardwood floor. Each person can wrestle for 2 minutes for 2 rounds. The person not wrestling must wait on the “bench” (bed). They can no longer wrestle each other or their baby brother during the day – whew! I LOVE THIS!

Two nights later I was at bible study, and my favourite DVD bible teacher, Beth Moore, talked about wrestling (isn’t God wild!). My understanding of what she said is the wrestling that Jacob did in the book of Genesis (check it out in the bible) involved a physical intimacy between Jacob and the angel. Jacob was getting the Holy Spirit all over him! I felt that God was giving us confirmation that we are on track with our evening wrestling time with the boys!

Everyone loves it! Look at that smile!