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Be Hanging With Your Baby Friends

a person with drives one hour, hops on a ferry and drive another four hours to come visit you.
a person who also brings their six, four and two year old.
a person who also brings food for your freezer, crafts and “meaty” conversation. (My friend is a vegetarian. 😉)

There is nothing like friends who go the extra mile.

I am extremely grateful for this mommy friend, D, coming to visit this weekend. Our boys have known her and her brood since they were all in utero.

Look at the fun we had:









There is nothing like the friends you have known since you were a baby!

Be Where You Are

I have returned to “The Gym”, something I swore I would never do after ten years of competitive sport and countless hours in “The Gym”.

I am loving working out again!  It is fantastic to be active with a group of women who are so inspiring.  I love lining up in a row on your bike/treadmill/stepper chatting away and sweating.

My boys reminded me that I need to stick at my own level.

It is easy to get next to my friend, Penny, who does spin classes two to three times per week and cranks out rpms on the bike that would make Lance Armstrong, without drugs, sweat.   I need to learn to be okay where I am.

Today, my boys pulled out a few crafts from the cupboard behind out kitchen table.  Our five year old, JC, pulled out some paper and a pencil and began writing a story about nighttime animals.  Baby OC, pulled out the playdough and started pounding away. Our three year old, CC, got out a pirate colouring book and went back and forth and back and forth with his favourite blue felt.


Whether I want to write a new story, pound away or just go back and forth, back and forth, the most important thing when it come to my mental and physical health is for me to be okay with where I am, in this moment, in this day, even at “The Gym”.

Note to self: I also need to continue to allow my children to be where they are.

Be a Ding Ding Marble Thing Maker


I had to throw in a lighter post today.

My boys loves to create: Lego, blocks, and paper. They especially love it when Dada gets out the tools and the wood. Today’s creation has been in my oldest son’s mind since the summer.

Tonight, he created his ding ding marble thing. There are some benefits to having dada at home.

I am realizing that ‘hard’ times also bring blessings.