Be Where You Are

I have returned to “The Gym”, something I swore I would never do after ten years of competitive sport and countless hours in “The Gym”.

I am loving working out again!  It is fantastic to be active with a group of women who are so inspiring.  I love lining up in a row on your bike/treadmill/stepper chatting away and sweating.

My boys reminded me that I need to stick at my own level.

It is easy to get next to my friend, Penny, who does spin classes two to three times per week and cranks out rpms on the bike that would make Lance Armstrong, without drugs, sweat.   I need to learn to be okay where I am.

Today, my boys pulled out a few crafts from the cupboard behind out kitchen table.  Our five year old, JC, pulled out some paper and a pencil and began writing a story about nighttime animals.  Baby OC, pulled out the playdough and started pounding away. Our three year old, CC, got out a pirate colouring book and went back and forth and back and forth with his favourite blue felt.


Whether I want to write a new story, pound away or just go back and forth, back and forth, the most important thing when it come to my mental and physical health is for me to be okay with where I am, in this moment, in this day, even at “The Gym”.

Note to self: I also need to continue to allow my children to be where they are.

5 thoughts on “Be Where You Are”

  1. I use to be a gym rat myself, then my son was born. Now I barley get to the gym. But when I do I find I am no longer at the level I use to be. It’s hard not to pick up the heaver weights or run the treadmill like I once did, but at least I’m making an effort.

    Keep it up. There is nothing like the rush of working out.

    Chris Hall
    The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for dropping by and for your comment. Isn’t it interesting how everything changes once our children are born – in wonderful ways!

      I have been very curious to ask you, I have been following your blog, but I get an email that redirects me to your blog. How did you make this happen? It is awesome. Also I especially love your Wednesday posts. AWESOME!

      1. If you are Following me then you are getting a email notification every time I post a new blog post. That is WordPress sending you the email, not me.

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