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Be A Reader (My 100th post!)

I am sitting by my computer gob-smacked realizing that this is my 100th post – how is that possible?

I guess my dad was right when I used to cry and moan about Math homework.  His response was often, “Just do 10 minutes per day and it will get easier!”.

Since starting this blog, I think about what I want to share with my boys as they get older, sometimes, I even think of my grandchildren.  I pray that this would be a living document for them to laugh at and maybe even ponder when they are older.

Every time I write, I think about YOU, the people who may read the post.  I am careful with my words, not being to extreme, but being honest and real in my daily life with three wee lads. (I can be a tad extreme, just ask Sexy Neck!)

Today, as I sit my six-foot frame at the keyboard, I want to write about reading.  What a gift reading is to give to our children!

Last night, I was putting baby OC to bed.  Usually, I come out from the boys’ room to screaming, running, wrestling, chasing – it is that time of day.   This is what I came out to last night:


Without a television in our “Playhouse“, books are our go-to activity.    None of my boys are able to read out loud yet, but the reading skills are so evident: looking at books, pretending to read, retelling the story by looking at the pictures, trying to guess the words.

I am looking forward to when they can read me a book and I can fall asleep.  Much better than me falling asleep mid-book!  Yes, this parenting of boys is sometimes very tiring!

Be Conscious of Your Children’s Brain

Whew, I got hit over the head this morning. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

We are pretty conscious of what we allow our children to see and read. We got rid of the television when our oldest son was six months old mostly due to advertising and my addiction to reality tv. We also limit our boys computer time and tend to stick to shows in the two to four year old category on Netflix. We also stopped watching Treehouse because of the advertisements that portrayed beautifully perfect unrealistic women.

Here is the story my oldest, JC “wrote” this morning:Image

Here is a book that we got from the library last week:


We cannot underestimate a child’s brain, the things they take in, the things they remember and what they will do with it.

From a library book, to remembering it one week later and now a story today, my son is a perfect exam.

Now how about those computer games, constant television watching or this book my boys were reading with daddy this morning: