Be A Cushion Creator

Normally our couches look like this:


These are the cushions in “holiday mode”.  

If the boys use our cushions to create chaos (hitting, pushing, yelling etc.), the cushions  go on “holiday”.

Most days our cushions are used to make rocket ships, pirate ships, boats, airplanes, forts and caves.

This morning our kindergartener was home sick from school. Our boys had an incredible two hour cushion-fest.  It was incredible to see all the creations that they made, including this cave the boys wanted to eat their snack in.

Here is JC’s coming out of the cave!


Our house is made for play.  We don’t have a playroom, we have a playhouse.

Our bedroom is the wrestling area, our kitchen table is  the crafts/playdough/lego spot, our kitchen is the science experiment/baking place and window sills are meant for climbing.


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