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Be Blown Away on your Birthday 

It’s a windy day here on May the first, but it is not the wind that had blown me away.  

It is the incredible people that surround me closely this year at home, far away in thought and through words posted on Facebook.  I am a bit gobsmacked to be honest.   

After the deep sorrow of my last birthday celebrating my first birthday without my mom, I had expected to be sitting in a mental pit today.  I expected to be hit in the chest with sadness.  

Isn’t it great when we continue to see that our expectations are only expectations?   


Today, I am soaring through the air.


Surprised by a pond that I thought was a broken sewer pipe.   My boys   lovingly made this pond last weekend as I sold tea.  

  We even put fish in the pond! 

Surrounded at home by my wee boys who are under the weather.   


Soaking up the love from all the incredible people God has chosen to surround me with. 

I am blessed! 




Soaking it up! 

Thank you to everyone for truly blowing me away.  I am in a bit of disbelief and I am full of gratitude.  

Thank you Sexy Neck for leading our boys and for loving me.   (Wild and crazy ideas and all!)


Be Introducing Sexy Neck

This is Sexy Neck, aka Steve, one year before we got married. (1996)


We met playing volleyball, living 785 kilometres apart, then dated long distance for four and a half years living 298 kilometres apart.  We had never lived in the same city until we got engaged.

Sexy Neck is first and foremost kind. Also very athletic.  Intelligent. Loves God.   Witty.  Sexy.   Artistic (most people don’t know he can draw and learned to play guitar by ear).  Hardworking.  Dog lover.  Gardener.    Handy.   He’s an idea guy.    I think he tells me about a new idea every day!

And he is incredibly “cool”.  He loved taking “Selfie’s” before selfies were selfies.

Here we are back in 1996!


Full of gratitude for this man.

His strong shoulders.

The love for his boys.

His passion and care for me.

Sexy Neck,  are you blushing?

P.S. We ran into a friend’s mom that we had never met before, but she had been reading the blog.  She giggled when she saw Steve, called him Sexy Neck then asked to see his neck.  It was one of the sweetest moments in our new neighbourhood with an old volleyball friend’s mom!

Be A ‘Contained’ Pot Gardener

Our garden behind us runs wild like children chasing bubbles.

We are sticking with contained spaces this year.

Big projects cannot be harnessed with our little energy.

The wild garden will be ‘fallow’ this year.

We will still garden though.

The coveted Nana pots are brought out and chosen.

“Boys, take as many as you want.”

Pots and plants are carefully chosen.

20140519-230740.jpgPhotos taken by Sexy Neck as he fixed the clothes line.

Sitting on the grass.


Filling our pots.

Filling our souls.


Helping our plants grow.

Helping us go deeper.

The sun.

Oh, the son.

Both lights on this earth.

Ever present.

Holding us together.

Plants in a pot.



Ah, my sons.

Incredibly hardworking, creative, playful…

Gardener’s that Nana would be proud of.

Planted by CC and JC


Planted by Mama and OC

Haha! I just reread my title, we aren’t growing marijuana, just keep everything in pots.

Be Enjoying A Blue Blazer

I grew up in a pretty red-necked town in the north.  The term “blue blazer” was not used very often, but whenever we heard: “It’s a blue blazer folks” on the radio, it got us pretty excited.

Now that I am a “southern” Okanagan girl these blue blazers are aplenty.

What did we do on this blue blazer Canada Day?


Yup, those are my big boys running through the sprinkler in their underwear!





We bought an emergency t-shirt for little OC, as he pooped up the back while we were visiting the “new” house still under renovation.  This hasn’t happened to us in a loooong time.

Lastly, I gave my seven potted plants some loving care.  I can’t wait to take my pots to the new house. You can see my mom’s beautiful garden/pergola/deer repellent in the background.  It is amazing what a little bit of colour will do for a yard, for my sense of peace and sense of home.  Image

Oh ya, I also wiped a lot of snot.  Do we seem to be the only ones with a summer cold?  Snot and coughing seem to be on the agenda for us these days.