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Be Choosing

Life is about choices. Every day choices.

Yes, we are not apathetic humans chosen by God to be puppets.

We don’t need to continue in a job that kills our Spirit. We don’t need a new house, car, boat… We don’t need to choose to fill our schedules with stuff. We don’t need to zip here and there not even recognizing the people God has put around us.

Every day we have a choice.


I choose to look for God in my anguish.

I choose my husband.

I choose to love my children.

I choose the peeps I want to hangout with.

I choose nature.

I choose to love where I am. Right now.

I choose delicious, healthy food.

I choose to move my body, not because I have to, but because I can.

I choose to celebrate all the special moments with gift of my thoughts, time and joy.

I choose to say what I feel and what I want.

I choose simplicity.

I choose forgiveness of those I feel have wronged me.

I choose to live life every day.

I choose hard work. Yup, some days this SAHM stuff ain’t for the faint of heart.

I choose love. Love for my amazing God, my family, my friends, my ‘neighbours’ and for myself.

What will you choose today?