Be Asking Questions.

I am positive you have heard it before, but when you have a loved one in the hospital you need to advocate for them and ask questions.

I have always believed that kindness kicks butt, but it doesn’t always work in the hospital setting.

I am grateful for all the nurses we have had. But no matter how nice you or the nurses are, you still want to be asking questions. Tons and tons of questions.

I am not going to scare you with any of our near death experiences in the last two weeks nor the exact reason why my hubby Sexy Neck spent a night sleeping in Mom’s room, but I will share this simple example:

On mom’s first day in the hospital, we met with a dietician to help us get mom eating and ready to tackle chemo. We got some information about cancer and diet then we were off or so we thought.

On day FIVE in the hospital, once we arrived on the new ward, one of the nurses picked up this packet that had been sitting on ALL of mom’s food trays for the last FIVE days.


She asked us, “Are you using this?”
We answered, “No!”
The nurse then went on to tell us the amazing things about this protein powder that had been sitting on 35 different food trays over the last five days. She talked about how important the protein was for preparing mom for chemo. What a missed opportunity!

Be noticing.
Be asking.
Be an advocate.
Be taking your protein powder.
Be mixing it in juice not tea.
Chemo ain’t for wimps.

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