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Be Building a Big Heart

Happiest of Valentine’s Day to my beautiful peeps!

I have a gift to give you on this day and it goes waaaaaay back to my university days in the faculty of Physical Education at the University of Alberta.

Do you know how your body builds muscle?

When you workout with any type of weight, your going to create little tears in the muscle fibres. During your rest time, these little tears are going to be repaired. The body repairs them by adding more tissue around them, thus increasing the size of the muscle. Viola! Building muscles. Isn’t the body incredible!

Now walk with me as I take these words from my university days about building muscle and create a Valentine’s Day ❤️ metaphor for the most powerful and life-giving muscle, the heart.

Do you wonder how to have a huge heart besides doing cardiovascular exercise?

Do you ever hear people say “S/he has the biggest heart!”?

I know that these ‘big hearted’ people have something in common to create these huge hearts. I have seen it all around me through death, divorce, and destruction (physical and emotional).

I believe that when we feel things deeply and allow our hearts to be broken, we create little tears in the muscle fibres of our heart. During our feeling and healing time, these little tears will be repaired. I believe that the body repairs the heart by adding even more tissue around them, thus increasing the ability for us to feel things more deeply and have a HUGE heart. Viola!

Take those things in life that break you and allow them to build you.

Feel things deeply.

Allow the breaking to happen.

And know that your heart.

Your humanness.

Your empathy.

Your kindness.

Your ability to break.

Will all grow into the largest heart as you feel and heal.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

😘 Joanna

Be Walking on YOUR Path

Do you feel your chest beating faster?

Or maybe you are holding your breath?

Perhaps you think your heart is going to jump out of your body?

Or maybe you mind is a swirling mess?

I am going to take a guess.

You aren’t walking on your own path.

The external becomes the internal.

It almost crushes you from the inside out.

The words and actions of others around you, blow you around like a hurricane.

One cruel word.

One harsh no.

One insensitive criticism.

One perceived snide look.

One RBF.

And your heart beats faster.

You feel like you may need to sit down.

This is a sign.

Your body is talking.

Your mind is listening.

Your spirit is guiding.





Find out how to get back onto YOUR path.

This magical place where you will soar.

No matter what anyone says or does.

Where you can dance like no one is watching.

Walk fast or slow.

Your heart will be home here.

Above your feet step by step.

Yes, you may feel uncomfortable here on this path.

BUT, it will be magical.


The most exhilarating ride of your life.

Listening to what you were created to be.

Without comparison.

No judgement.

Only you being you.

Exactly how you were meant to be.

Walking on YOUR path.

This week, my wish for myself and everyone reading this, is that we will find our steps to take.

Breathe by breathe.

May our no be no and your yes be yes.

May excitement and joy find us around every corner that we take.


Walking out our days.

Every step of the way.

Savouring everything that passes by.

Just as we are.

Who we are.



On OUR path!



Be Fragile

Often I don’t have the words to explain the person I am morphing into or how I am doing at a given moment. As I sit and wait and watch, I am amazed by the depth of feelings I experience both good and bad.

The dreaded question for the last few months has been, “How are you?”

I never know how to answer this, but on Friday I received tremendous insight and the ideal adjective.

First, the boys received a package from our good family friend, Donna, in 100 Mile.

Coincidently, her daughter, M, who lives in KCity chose this same day to drop off a treat and a beautiful card.

In the card she wrote this:

Did you notice the word fragile? I did.

Lastly, I opened my mail later in the afternoon and had to lie on the floor once I read this beautiful card from our old PG neighbour and good friend, Ginny.

Take a look at this:

Yup, fragile again!

“How are you Joanna?”
“I feel fragile. ”

My heart breaks in two anytime someone I love gets in a car. JC’s teacher’s words at his parent-teacher conference crushed me. Any small comment hit me at the core of my being.

I cry easily and feel deeply.

I am fragile.

Today, I choose very carefully who I interact with and where I go. I treat myself gently and give grace freely. I understand that I may not be the only person in this fragile place.

I am so grateful to those people who continue to walk with our family and my dad through our grief. I am grateful how God uses those around us.

A simple card.

A word.