Be a Bread Maker

I am not a baker nor a chef, really I am not much of a cook, but I can follow a recipe. I think that everyone, including myself, should learn how to bake bread.

There is nothing like kneading some dough, rolling it out, watching it miraculous rise then smell it cooking in the oven. This experience becomes wondrous with two little boys at my side!

We recently attempted a couple of loaves of whole spelt bread. My boys loved “kneading” (AKA crushing, pulling, smushing…) the bread. JC made a house and our middle one, CC, made a blob.

We ate a few pieces then observed their transformation into hockey pucks which made it into the garbage the next day.

My cousin’s husband at bakes bread for the family EVERY week, so I guess I will leave this task up to Sexy Neck.

We actually sent these delicious photos as Sexy Neck was sitting at the hospital waiting for surgery on his Achilles. Sorry honey, we forgot that you had to fast the whole day!

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