Be Standing in the Light


Yes, me.

I encourage you to stop.



Take one moment.

To be.

Watch your breath.


Really listen to the sounds around you.

Right now.

What do you hear?

What do you see?

Why are you choosing to do what you are doing on THIS day?

Death is forever.

Life is now.

I choose to stand in the light.

Imperfectly me.



In His light.

Just being.



I am not sure how I got this photo, but again it was through nothing that I did.

Just being.

In His light.

4 thoughts on “Be Standing in the Light”

    1. May the light enfold you this day on day five of your gratitude walk. Gratitude was the step that allowed me to walk into the light.

      Blessings to you this day! Thanks for visiting my site.

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