Be Introducing Sexy Neck

This is Sexy Neck, aka Steve, one year before we got married. (1996)


We met playing volleyball, living 785 kilometres apart, then dated long distance for four and a half years living 298 kilometres apart.  We had never lived in the same city until we got engaged.

Sexy Neck is first and foremost kind. Also very athletic.  Intelligent. Loves God.   Witty.  Sexy.   Artistic (most people don’t know he can draw and learned to play guitar by ear).  Hardworking.  Dog lover.  Gardener.    Handy.   He’s an idea guy.    I think he tells me about a new idea every day!

And he is incredibly “cool”.  He loved taking “Selfie’s” before selfies were selfies.

Here we are back in 1996!


Full of gratitude for this man.

His strong shoulders.

The love for his boys.

His passion and care for me.

Sexy Neck,  are you blushing?

P.S. We ran into a friend’s mom that we had never met before, but she had been reading the blog.  She giggled when she saw Steve, called him Sexy Neck then asked to see his neck.  It was one of the sweetest moments in our new neighbourhood with an old volleyball friend’s mom!

Be Talking About Money $$ (and Food)

September should be the new year.

New activities.

New routines.

An almost new school year.

New lessons while cooking dinner.

And talk about money!

Sexy Neck and I have embarked on an intensive look at our budget.



Bank statements.

Daily conversations.

We have lived in our home for over a year.  Our boys are in the activities they would like to be in.  We have found our places to grocery shop and realized how our spending has changed. We miss our backyard rental suite that we had in our old home, but we have ideas.  STAY TUNED!

I have been working on our budgeting spreadsheet as well as listening to Youtube videos about budgeting.  I have come across a very interesting man, who was once bankrupt, who believes in God and now teaches others about finance.  His name is Dave Ramsey.  Youtube him and you will find out some interesting things.  I listened last night to a short eight minute video and here are some of the highlights:

  • God owns money, stuff, time and talents.
  • We are the managers.
  • These things (money, stuff, time and talents) are not ours, stop worrying about them.
  • God made us to be givers.

He also spoke about giving money to others or tithing.  He basically said that to tithe means one tenth.  We could give away one tenth of our income right at the beginning of the month.

Today, I was cooking dinner and thought about this concept of giving away one tenth of our income right away.



When I was cooking dinner, I was stretching our leftovers from last night to feed us all dinner as well as make sure that I had leftovers for Sexy Neck’s lunch for tomorrow.   I decided to first put the food in Sexy Neck’s lunch and then serve the rest of us dinner.

Guess what?  When I served the lunch first there was enough for dinner, but I know if I served dinner first there wouldn’t have been any leftovers.

I wonder if we gave away ten percent of our income right at the beginning of the month… I bet there would be enough for everything else too!