Be Floating a Boat on the First Day of School

Kindergarten and Grade two was scheduled to start today for our family. Due to an impasse between teachers and our close-minded government who deems summer school an essential service but not the regular school year, half a million students are not in school today.

I am sick to my stomach for my colleagues on the picket line but full of joy for my boys.

We started off this school year dropping Daddy at school because his car is in the shop. I asked the boys what they wanted to do today on the first day of school. As I folded the laundry, the boys put on their aprons, picked their wood from the pile in the garage and boat construction began. JC even showed me he can safely use Sexy Neck’s saw.








Now off to Mommy School at our kitchen table classroom after a quick swim. It will be an encouraging taste of writing, reading and Math.

Building my boys up.

Extending our summer.

Praying for a resolution.

Enjoy each of these ‘bonus’ days.

No place I would rather be.

Raising boys into men.

One day at a time.

One pencil mark.

One piece of paper.

One piece of wood.

One nail.

One Christ guiding my ways.

Glory to Him who weaves everything together for good!