Be Asking Why You Blog

Why do I blog?

I don’t blog to earn money or to succeed at a job.

I don’t blog to get on Oprah’s network or to become ‘known’.

I don’t blog because I want people to like me or have people get to know me.

I don’t blog so that I can achieve any type of recognition or medal.

Ah ha, this is why I blog.

I blog to be completely present with my family, to be with my boys, physically and mentally, as they are growing.

I blog to watch in awe as my Sexy Neck father’s our boys.

I blog because I have a teacher’s heart. I love teaching by showing others what I am learning.

I blog because I love to write. I love playing with words, thinking about synonyms and metaphors and oh I love editing. Getting rid of words, making new ideas, rewriting whole paragraphs.

I blog because sometimes the topics I think of can’t be said. And I think about a vast array of subjects. Blogging gives me the privilege of sharing what’s in my head.

I blog because I am head over heels in love with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. His presence in my life in unexpected ways is something that I want to share. I want to see His light shine in this often dark world.

Recently, I blogged to support my mom’s cancer journey and reach out to those around the world who love us. (How much love did we receive? My views went from twenty– which I was very happy with– to over 800 views per day!)

Now, I blog to stay afloat in grief.
To stay real.
To do my painful work.
To see God at work and to stay connected to my people

I blog to just be where I am and to Be Enough to my family and friends.

Why do you blog or why would you like to blog? I am curious.

8 thoughts on “Be Asking Why You Blog”

  1. I have similar reasons to blog in that I adore adore words and writing and reading and leaning New things. I, too, love to teach, which is my profession.
    Now, if someone were to pay me to blog, I sure would not turn them down. If Oprah orEllen anyone asked me to be on their show, again I would not say no. Well, what’s his face the conservative guy, Rush Limbaugh, if he asked me, I would say no. I would say no to those Duck Dynasty, though neither would ask me.
    I would love to make money writing. A writer’s life, in my opinion, is the ideal life.

    1. Susan, I absolutely love the list of people who you you would and wouldn’t talk to you about your blog. I hope for you that you can make money doing what you love! The days are sometimes long, but the years sure are short.

      1. Some days when I am a substitute teacher and the kids are being especially obnoxious, which only happen in grades did and up, does time seem to slow down or practically stop.

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