Be Springing Another Leak

We have sprung another leak!

This morning we woke up to a flurry of activity around our driveway that started spewing water again yesterday.

Two months ago, we had our first leak.

Now this:
7:00am Visit from the City workers.
7:08am Sexy Neck in his robe moving the cars out of the driveway. (I should have got a picture of that!)
7:30am Pumper truck shows up to start sucking the earth. (21st century version of a shovel!)

The boys are so excited. Me, I ain’t too sure. This is a little bit of a lot lately.

Enjoy our view:


Update: Leak is fixed. It was our neighbours line this time around.


Be Thinking/Reading in French

We are one year and two months into our first child in school.
We decided to put him into French Immersion due to our life before children living in Europe, class compositions in French Immersion and the brain/future benefit of learning another language. The only language that is offered is French, otherwise we may have preferred Spanish or perhaps even German.

As parents, we question many of our decisions that we have made for our boys. Today, we were given a small pat on the back that for our oldest French Immersion is the right track for him.

Today, we were in the car.
JC yelled out, “Seven cars. There were seven cars lined up at the light!”
I had a light bulb moment and asked, “Did you count that in your head in French or English?”
JC responded, “French of course Mama!”
My first thought was: thanks for translating to English for me and then I was surprised he was counting in French.

Here’s our Grade Oner reading his home reading tonight:
JC reading in French

Be Turning Chili into Quesadillas

Today with Taco Tuesday!

Instead of the usual hard tacos, I decided to get some rice wraps and try quesadillas.

It was so simple: cast iron frying pan, throw down a rice wrap, cheese, leftover chili and wrap on low heat and voila dinner was on the table. (Here is the chili recipe I made yesterday in the slow cooker.)

To add to the quesadillas while they were heating up, I cut up two avocados and added a bit of salt, paprika and garlic powder and mashed it all together. We also had some sour cream kicking around in the fridge to add on top of the avocado.

We got home from gymnastics at 5:20 and dinner was on the table fifteen minutes later. And it tasted GOOD!

Bon Appetit.


And keep in mind, I ain’t no foodie. Just check out this blog for a real foodie!