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Be Turning Chili into Quesadillas

Today with Taco Tuesday!

Instead of the usual hard tacos, I decided to get some rice wraps and try quesadillas.

It was so simple: cast iron frying pan, throw down a rice wrap, cheese, leftover chili and wrap on low heat and voila dinner was on the table. (Here is the chili recipe I made yesterday in the slow cooker.)

To add to the quesadillas while they were heating up, I cut up two avocados and added a bit of salt, paprika and garlic powder and mashed it all together. We also had some sour cream kicking around in the fridge to add on top of the avocado.

We got home from gymnastics at 5:20 and dinner was on the table fifteen minutes later. And it tasted GOOD!

Bon Appetit.


And keep in mind, I ain’t no foodie. Just check out this blog for a real foodie!