Be Inconvenienced


Isn’t this a strange photo today? This symbolizes my life at this particular moment.

Another symbol that I am reminded of is the verse in Luke where the woman had been bleeding for twelve years (I have been living in my current town for 12 years!!!), anyways, she came up behind Jesus and touched his cloak and immediately her bleeding stopped.

I am bleeding with my need to control the future and relive the mistakes of my past! I think things are going to go a certain way, but then “inconvenient” things happen – Sexy Neck tears his Achilles, my son is up all night, another son gets sick, someone says something negative to me and we uproot our entire life to move closer to my husband’s work. (These are just a few ‘recent’ events!)

The photo above was a symbol of my difficulty towards facing inconvenient events and my need to reach for Jesus’s cloak on this very day!

Last night, I put my purse on the brown chair. This morning, I could not find it anywhere. I relived every moment of yesterday trying to figure out if it was lost or stolen. I felt sick and was almost in tears all morning, as my Freitag purse is very sentimental but also contained many valuable things.

I waited til I picked up Sexy Neck from work then shared that I thought I lost my purse. How inconvenient! He simply responded – I think I put it up on a cupboard so that the boys wouldn’t get in it. Checkout the photo. Whew!

I realized that losing my purse was no big deal, but my response sure was! When inconvenient things happen, I need to keep my eyes UP to Jesus who can heal me and help me.

I need to realize that “Inconveniences are opportunities!”

P.S. Did you notice the little white toilet screw cover on the shelf? Our wee baby loves to take them off all and move them all over the house – inconvenient or opportunity?

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