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Be Saying Thanks

My dad continues to amaze me.

In each moment, throughout his grief, he has always been thoughtful of who he needs to say thank you to. He has exemplified gratitude through taking the time to express his heartfelt thanks.

With editing help from myself and my sister, my dad managed to get this thank you into this mornings paper. Incredible!

The hardest part of this process was that he was afraid he would forget to thank someone.

Today, I am feeling sad but filled with gratitude for all my people in PG, Williams Lake, Summerland,Calgary, Edmonton, Vietnam, Kamloops, Kelowna, Spain, Germany, Cowichan Bay, Dawson City, Vancouver Lumby, Coldstream and here in Vernon where I currently row my boat of grief.


Be Winning a Colouring Contest

While I was getting ready for my day one morning, JC was sitting at the kitchen table.

He proceeded to flip through the newspaper, find a coloring contest, color to the very best of his ability and then cut it out. He finished off the task by writing his name and then calling me to show me what he had done. I was incredibly amazed. We added our phone number. Then, I noticed that the coloring contest was ending today. I dropped the coloring contest paper off at the local newspaper and voilà the task was done.

Two weeks later we got a phone call and JC had won the coloring contest!!

Here is his coloring effort as well as the great prize that he won:




Be a Newspaper Robot Maker

Our ‘Angel A’ friend drove over ten hours last week to help out during mom’s post chemo recovery.

‘A’ soared through a rushed trip to the hospital, moment-by-moment decisions and tearful prayer times. We are grateful that she could spend time away from her family to help our family.

One of the best moments she had with our wee boys was during an impromptu craft session using the newspaper sitting on the table, glue, foil and a piece of paper.

The big one on the left is JC, bottom right is CC and top right is OC.


Can anyone tell we have been doing a lot of snorkelling in the pool?