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Be Reading at School

Last week was Family Literacy Day and our school celebrated by inviting families to come read in their children’s classroom.

We love reading with our children every day and I especially loved reading in my boys’ classrooms.

We were asked to bring our favourite books from home.


2015/02/img_8149.jpgOur neighbours and CC’s kindergarten classmate brought the same book from home.

I love coincidences.

I love these neighbours.

I love reading!

Be Making a Half Pipe

We went to our Vtown library today.

Cancelled mom’s account.

Had a cry with our wonderful, caring library clerks.

Just a normal day in the hood.

Oh ya, we also got some books.

The boys picked up a skateboard book. They disappeared downstairs into Nana and Papa’s great basement.

While downstairs, they discovered this half pipe photo in the library book.

My parents have always had plywood boards with cut outs in them to create and play with. We had them as kids, then we gave them to our local elementary school in PG.

A few years ago, my dad made five more wooden boards for the grand kids to make forts, stores, and theatres with.

Today was a first for the boards in the Jenkins’ family – a half pipe.


I wonder what Nana would say.

Be Talking About Death

To go along with my post yesterday about no bad questions, the boys have started to concentrate their discussions about Nana on death.

The day before Nana died they boys wrote these wonderful letters to Nana, said goodbye and I love you through the window and gave kisses and hugs.



Note: KT was our dog that died in June 2012.

Today, I was singing in the car, “The name of The Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are safe…”
JC stops me and says, “That’s the song you were singing when we went to Vancouver and that woman died. Audrey, I think!”

Whew, a song reminding him of two Christmases ago when we went to say goodbye to Sexy Neck’s aunt Audrey. She died a couple of hours after we said goodbye.

I hope that the boys will only feel the richness of this time before and after Nana’s death. It has brought us down to ground zero in terms of what is important.

Our grief is raw but our relationships richer and our love stronger!

Be Missing School

Last Wednesday, JC woke up with a bit of a fever, I kept him home!

It was a PJ, truck playing, leaf gathering, door jam hanging, hockey equipment wrestling kind of day.







Today, Nana is getting sprung from the hospital so we are going for a visit.

When deciding on what to do, I often ask myself, “When (insert name of son) is eighteen years old, is this going to matter?”.

A whole day with his brothers and now a day with Nana and Papa, yup these days matter! Sorry school!

Be a Newspaper Robot Maker

Our ‘Angel A’ friend drove over ten hours last week to help out during mom’s post chemo recovery.

‘A’ soared through a rushed trip to the hospital, moment-by-moment decisions and tearful prayer times. We are grateful that she could spend time away from her family to help our family.

One of the best moments she had with our wee boys was during an impromptu craft session using the newspaper sitting on the table, glue, foil and a piece of paper.

The big one on the left is JC, bottom right is CC and top right is OC.


Can anyone tell we have been doing a lot of snorkelling in the pool?