Be Living In Between 

⚡️I had always thought that if you worked hard enough, you will get where you want to go.   Magically, everything would just all fall into place.  Nope I am still living “in between”. 

⚡️I had always thought there was a magic wand where “poof” healing would come after my mom had died and all would be well.  But all isn’t well. I feel things incredible deeply when I find out a friend’s mom has cancer or a preschool friend has cancer or a surgeon treats a friend poorly, just like what happened to my mom.  Sometime “in between” just sucks.  

⚡️I had always thought that if I did ‘my work’, communicated kindly and directly that all would be well.  I thought my relationships would flourish and we would all sing “kombiya” together.   I have some relationships with my family of origin that I couldn’t even consider “in between”, they are non-existent.  

⚡️I had always thought that if I reached certain goals in my life that all would be well.  I envisioned that life would be more fun and that there would be an ease or flow to it.  I have reached those goals, but I still sit “in between” as those goals have now changed.  


✨ I am “doing less” throughout my days, but I have never experienced so many more incredible opportunities coming into my life. These “in between” places are BEAUTIFUL.    I have more quiet times, more moments of “no coincidences” where I have to lie down and less ‘busyness’.

✨ My healing is a journey not a destination to be tackled. Actually, I don’t even know where my healing journey is going to take me next! Being “in between” the healing journey creates MIRACLES.   It has deepened my relationships, helped me focus on what’s important and allowed me the privilege to see into the beautiful hearts of women like Heather, whom I met today.  

✨ Relationships are like a game of baseball, each person needs to be willing to catch the ball.  I have been playing a ton of catch with my “people’s” back to me.  Imagine a baseball game looking like that?  You can only apologize so much, talk so much, and try to get someone to play for so long.  “In between” relationships are RAD because they mean I am REALLY free to be me.  

✨ It is truly each moment that makes life sweet…moment after moment.   Every day I love savouring the weather, the age of my boys, the laughter at myself when things go wrong, the watching as our dreams unfold.  Step by step, one lunch box making, wrestling match breaking, toy taking and sheer joy making day at a time.  “In between” is a SWEET place to be. 

Life is powerful when we are awake to the processes “in between” 

To the beauty and spaces that surrounds us every day.  

To people’s eyes. 

To people’s stories.  

To the sheer grandeur of the non-coincidences that unfold before me.  

The presence of God. 

Doing less. 

Being more. 

Healing and… 

Being broken. 

Playing catch. 

Facing forward. 

Leaning in. 

Moment by moment. 

In between. 





Knowing for sure that RIGHT NOW… 


Living “in between” 

8 thoughts on “Be Living In Between ”

  1. Beautiful and inspiring as always, sweet friend. And can I just say that I LOVE that you included some rhyming? Ahhhh… love it… love you!

  2. Beautiful Joanna 💕 You are a talented writer and your words have a meaning that touch my heart. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a loved one, especially the closest one to me, my mom. I dread the day I have to. Thank-you for sharing your journey with us.

    1. Thank you Krista! 💜 Nothing to dread in losing a loved one, it is the greatest gift and privilege I have been given to learn and growth through this process with my beautiful mama.

  3. Your sharing of your journey is incredible and very inspiring. I love your different perspectives and how you relate everyday experiences; it is about living in the moment and allowing a flow to happen through you. You are sharing a wonderful gift and sense of living your life with others. You are attracting many wonderful people into your life as you are giving people permission to seek and putting into words their thoughts and feelings. You are an amazing person who is on a lifelong journey of discovery. In regards to losing a loved one, we never forget, I do not know if time heals, however, it eases the pain somewhat. You are a deep feeler and so connected that when others are going through life threatening illnesses you are impacted as it triggers those deep emotions in you. That connection is powerful!

    I love reading your posts as they resonate for me.



    1. Thank you so much Tom! Isn’t this an incredible journey!
      You know this gift of grief so well and I feel privileged to learn from you and continue to be encouraged by you. Blessings and peace to you during this beautiful autumn season.

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