Be Sharing Your Story – Bev & Darryl

My dad’s “other brother Darryl” and his beautiful Bev came to visit today.

Here is their journey:


They share a beautiful gift that children give us and the love of family. I wrote how butterflies seem to be a theme for us right now here.

And then I got this note:

Dear Jenkins Family,

It was so nice to see you all yesterday, and especially to be able to see Gwen and hold her hand for a few moments. We are all thinking about you so much and following your journey . It was such a coincidence today that our granddaughter , Isla, insisted on putting on her summer butterfly dress ( she made her Mom dig it out of the summer clothes box) and drew a butterfly picture for us. We truly feel the connection to everything you shared with us about butterflies and your Mom. We will think of her always when we see a beautiful butterfly. Our love and prayers are with you tonight.
Love to All
Darryl, Bev,Kristi, Shannon and Trinity

December 24th
Dear Joanna,

Words cannot express how saddened I am that your family must take this journey so early in your mother’s life. As has been said many times, her beautiful smile and infectious laugh will be missed by many. Her legacy will be the inner strength she has passed on to her two beautiful daughters. From the moment of birth we have to complete many journeys that God has asked us to do. This journey is one that your mother’s teaching will see you through. Let it be known that Steve (aka sexy neck) and Craig are blessed to have the Jenkins girls and families in their lives. When your Mom moves on to a new world your Dad will continue to help guide his family through these journeys. When I am travelling through the woods or at one of my favourite fishing haunts and a beautiful butterfly arrives I will be sure to know its significance. May you and your family find peace in your inner strength.

God bless.

Hugs to all.

Coach Darryl.

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