Be Having Something About Butterflies

A butterfly metamorphosis painting sits on a table at a retreat two weeks ago.

Our retreat leader points it out to me.

My sister talks to mom about flying away like a butterfly.

My dad says the same.

The children talk about butterflies.

It is winter. There is snow on the ground.

Then I see this on the hospice fireplace:

And then this note arrives from my mom and dad’s beautiful neighbour:


The children draw some pictures:

Yup, more butterflies. I just arrived home to mom and dad’s and guess what I saw on the fridge for the first time ever….

I think either S and A drew it, but I am not sure when or how it got there.

Yup, butterflies everywhere in the middle on winter.

Beautiful butterflies.

Fly Mama Fly.

5 thoughts on “Be Having Something About Butterflies”

  1. That is beautiful. Butterflies are my mom’s favorite. She has many of them everywhere, so it reminds me of her also. Which considering that they are sisters is not surprising. I’m attaching my favorite wedding photo of your parents. I look so petrified in it, which not surprisingly, I probably was!

    Love Leanne

  2. Do you have the book Proof of Heaven? We talked about it about 6 months ago, your blog post of butterflies made me think of it. I think there might be something very insightful for you in that book when you are ready. Love you friend. We are on the road, have email and internet. Wish I was with you Luv A

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