Be Sharing Your Story- Corey

Here’s another story of an old neighbour, old friend and great man. I am posting it even though he called me annoying.

Introducing Corey:


First, thank you for taking us on all this journey with you and your family. I grew up with you all at the end of the street. From walking to school with my lifelong friend Michelle and our annoying little sisters, who were also best friends 🙂 A group of us grew up in that house on the corner of Clark Crescent in the basement and in the pool. We went from toddlers to cut kinders to teenagers and then eventually left to find our way in the big world.

In life there are only a few people that really become “baked in” to your life and your family is like that for me. I can’t remember a time when your parents weren’t there for me when I was growing up. Gwen and Mike were always there to provide positive guidance and a smile and seemed more like friends than my best friend’s mom and dad.

From band trips to our school trip to France in the summer of 1987, your mom (Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. J, Auntie Gwen…..I called her lots of things over the years). Always seemed to be there supporting us and helping us along. As a parent now I realize the sacrifice and the patience that she made to ALWAYS be there for a group of lucky kids.

I sit in snowy (and freezing) Edmonton and your stories and photos are bringing back many memories of a wonderful childhood with your family and especially your mom. I feel blessed to have had her in my life and am so grateful for you including us all in this journey.

Love Corey

One thought on “Be Sharing Your Story- Corey”

  1. Joanna,

    I almost don’t know where to begin…We have been friends for…well…forever. I can’t really even remember a time that you and your family were not a part of my life. Clark Crescent holds so many wonderful memories for me. Spending time at your house was like my home away from home. Your Mom and Dad were always so welcoming and made me feel like an extension of your family. Swimming, sledding, birthday parties, creating crazy food concoctions, building forts in your basement, making workout videos…JoRob Fitness was amazing I might add…whatever we did we had a blast and your parents were there providing us with love and encouragement. I am picturing your Mom and her beautiful smile right now. She was always happy and laughing. I guess we gave her lots to laugh at 🙂

    Volleyball was a big part of our high school years together. I remember the time your Mom and my Mom drove us down to Williams Lake for a volleyball camp. We tried hard not to let them leave us there but they stuck to their guns knowing that we would have fun in the end…and they were right. We ended up having a blast! Moms always know best I guess 🙂

    Volleyball also makes me think of your pink volleyball uniform that your Mom accidentally washed with your red socks. That was so funny…you definitely stood out!

    I see a lot of your Mom in you JJ. This you should be very proud of. When I think of your Mom I think fun, easy going, laughing, adventurous, supportive and loving. Throughout this journey I have seen all of these things in you. I agree with my brother, even though he called me annoying too…I am very appreciative of this blog and you taking us all along on this journey. None of this can be easy but you are making the best of every moment with your Mom and for that you should be very proud.

    Please give your Mom and Dad hugs from me and tell them how special they are to me.

    We love you and your family very much!!

    PS – I’m going to try my best to dig up some fun old pictures for another post.

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