Be Having A Sunday Morning Update

Mom is having a deep rest this morning after her sleepover with M. She had her morning wash, tooth brush and massage. She loves having her back rubbed. She was even able to swing her legs over the edge of the bed and even had a sip of boost. Her first bit of nourishment in a week.

She was so happy to see her nephew Jamie and niece Marnie. She was waiting for them. She had the biggest smile when she saw Jamie and Marnie. She said, “Ahhhhh, Jamie!”



We are just awaiting M’s girls and C to arrive.

Today, Wendy heads back up to PG to be our angel up there and spend time with her family. She was able to get to us first and help us in the hospital. She was a huge support and I couldn’t have made it through the last night in the hospital without her.


Auntie Gail heads back to the Lower Mainland to be our angel down there. Her son, Dave, drove through the snow to get her here! Gail is the most incredibly caring sister i have seen. The respect and love she has for my mom is priceless. We are so grateful for them both.


Uncle Bill also heads back to the Island. He is a pillar of strength for our family. My dad’s old business partner, confidante and just incredible man.

Gail and Bill saying goodbye:


We couldn’t do this alone.

The strength you see in us is a reflection of God’s love, my mom’s and all of you back in the world who are holding us up in prayer and thought. My sister is a prayer warrior and she has literally held us up in prayer these last months. Her and C have done amazing feats to physically be here as well. What a pair!

This is a rich, beautiful, peaceful time. Mom is in no pain. We are enjoying sharing time as a family.

There is no fear in death. This is an incredible family time filled with tears, laughter, peace and sadness.


One thought on “Be Having A Sunday Morning Update”

  1. Joanna I just got off the phone with my Mom. Her and Dad were so happy to see you all. Many years have slipped by and as you most likely know “the days can be long and the years so short.” When I think of your Mom and Dad I think of laughter. Come to think of it I can hear your life filled laugh as well :-). I recall your mom’s straightforward nature and sparkling eyes. I admire your strength and compassion sharing your journey so openly. Please wrap your arms around your sister for me and let her know I am holding her in my thoughts and prayers. Warm thoughts and prayers for all of you! Your mom is surrounded by such love!

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