Be Having A Good Morning

Happy Friday the 20th day of advent.

Today, we celebrate mom telling me to stop reassuring her (with an “I’m sorry honey!” at the end) and mom asking me to sit down when I jumped up to adjust her leg pillows.

Little miracles.

Thank you for holding us all up.

Thank you for the nighttime messages. They got us through.

Words. Thoughts. Prayers. They do make a difference.

There is an unseen world we are walking in through mom’s sacred journey.

I am honoured to be with her.

I know ‘O Wen’ is too!

I am overjoyed she just told me to sit down.

One thought on “Be Having A Good Morning”

  1. Thank you God for STRONG Mom’s like yours! And thank you for daughters (and sons)
    who are happy to be “told” when it comes with such love. Thank you for God’s everlasting
    arms that are already holding Gwen, Mike, JJ and Michelle, Rae and all of us who love Gwen. Ginny and Wayne, Drew, Dave and Kathy and all our special ones. XOX

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